Oh the plans we have- June 20th-26th


It suddenly dawned on me at seven thirty at night on Thursday night I had not even looked at the upcoming scheduled events.  I told you I was good at denial. Then I remembered this was rest week before the the insanity breaks loose. phew!  Its really good insanity but its insanity none-the-less.  So this is short and sweet:

Sunday July 20

Church….hang with a friend and her kid for a bit.

Monday July 21

 Cleaning job

Tuesday July 22

  A World of Drums Class

Wednesday July 23

 John Storm will fascinate you with a live python, turles and other exotic reptiles from around the world
We have seen it before but hey live animals!

Thursday July 24

Math tutor lesson

Friday July 25

 After a story, Barbara Gail of Rhythm Inlet will present an educational program that will mix music and yoga.

Pack bags for house sitting job.

Saturday July 26

Show up at house sitting job, get situated.

This is when the insanity begins but I love it. My friend from St. Augustine is coming for a visit.  Insert loud squealing and virtual jumping up and down because arthritis is mean. (this is pre-arranged with house sitting client)

 Library class: Young scientist:Watch amazing absorbing colors, experiment with magnets, build things, and more science fun
friend and I can go over to park for a walk and a little explore.

Relax at house rest of day

Light picnic dinner at the beach for sunset


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