Week Seven of Summer Vacation : July 13-19


I almost forgot.  I am living in a state of denial at this point. I try not to look at what is planned until the night before.  The next three weeks are scary busy.

Cue horror music

Family vacation is coming

I want to but at the same time… I don’t want to.

So until then here is what has been scheduled.


Sunday July 13


Monday July 14

Cleaning Job

Picnic lunch

Bits N’ Pieces Puppet Theater will perform the story of Hanuman, a monkey with incredible powers, using puppets from Indonesia. Following the show, everyone will create marionette puppets using paper and straws.

Tuesday July 15th

I will get a slight break because I will add a kid, helping out a friend. It seems like that would be more work. It will be a welcome distraction. They can entertain each other and probably will entertain me too.

In the morning, since friend is coming over early, we will head back to Myakka River State Park.  This time we will pack a lunch and probably spend some time at the playground too.  Then off to a library class on Nutrition. Scurvy and the importance of fruits and vegetables. Where do we get Vitamins A,C, and K? Make your own healthy snack with an english muffin, cream cheese, and fruit! Yum!

Wednesday July 16th

Mad Scientist class at the library!
 A dynamic program full of exciting experiments and interactive demonstrations guaranteed to spark an interest in science.

Thursday July 17

Math Tutoring lesson

Friday July 18

Determined to get to the beach

Saturday July 19

Puppet show.

 Endangered animals tell their stories with music and puppets – and Katie! of Make believe Theater.
Send Coffee, Chocolate and any kind of alcohol.


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