The surprises week four held……


How has it been four weeks already? So much has happened already! Many good things have happened. Many bad things have happened.  It has been a challenge. It has reminded me that my body is not ready to even attempt part time work yet. It has had some rude awakenings. It has had some inspiring awakenings. It has had some flairs. It has had some good days.

Sunday June 22nd

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Coffee and cinnamon buns started our morning, after all I earned it.  I walked, the kid rode her bike, to church. On the way back there were vultures, of course we have to check them out. She found it cool that they were eating it even with flies, me-not so much. We got our math homework done and an hour of reading in. We moved on to chillaxin for the rest of the day.

Monday June 23rd

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Mondays are always packed, this one was no exception. We walked the almost three miles to my cleaning job. I walked, she rode her bike, DUH!! Then we were able to borrow a friends minivan and pick up all the pottery from the previous two weeks, have lunch with friends, and get disappointed at Target.

unnamed (7)

It’s a good thing Starbucks doesn’t disappoint.  We came home and did math homework.

Tuesday  June 24th

My walking partner and I are determined to stay on track. We got a two mile walk in before nine am.  Then we were able to borrow the minivan again.

unnamed (1)

We went to a library program that was suppose to be about candy chemistry. It did not hold my interest and did not live up to the description. The important thing was that the kid was enjoying it. I had distraction via Princess P. It was really horrible to have to hug her and love on her and play with her. Horrible I tell you.

unnamed (2)

Then I snuck out and decided to check out this library’s book store.  I can’t say that I miss that two dollars…… Not sure who is going to read twenty leagues first, me or the kid. It is a 1956 edition. It is everything a book should be , everything.

unnamed (3)

Wednesday June 25th

We went for our morning walk. Two miles done.  Then it was home and read for an hour, finish Math homework. Clean clean clean and clean some more. If cleaning your room sounds like a herd of elephants……We so got that part down.


A friend of mine offered to help us with the cost of putting our dog down. He was fifteen. We got him at eight weeks. We drove two hours across Florida to rescue him from an Australian shepherd rescue that a friend of mine ran.  I am planning on doing a tribute blog post on him soon.

Thursday June 26th

We started our morning with the kid, who slept in bed with me because she was still upset about Jasper, waking up and saying, I accidentally peed. We then walked to the math lesson for the kid. Well I walked, the kid rode her bike.


I sit in on the lessons and record them. This way she can watch the video and then do the homework that is sent home. It is just one of the ways we are trying to overcome her learning disabilities.

 unnamed (9)

We were able to borrow a friends van and make it to the reptile show at the library. This guy is hilarious , educational and just a tad corny.  It is a good corny though because the kids respond and interact.  We then were off to pick up Daddy from work and go to lunch as a family. It had to be a drive through but it was something.  Off we went then to the next library show. This one is a bit far, about twenty minutes away. It was about germs and it sounded really interesting. It turned out to be very short but, I think there was a great lesson given. The kids were given “germ” lotion (glow in the dark lotion) which symbolized germs. They were told to rub it all over there hands , front, back and in between fingers. A black light was shinned on there hands and the “germs” glowed. They were then sent off to wash their hands like they normally would when asked to wash their hands. They then came back and were given the black light scrutiny to see how they did. Apparently I have done a good job teaching the kid to wash her hands. She missed around her nail beds but other than that was clean.  The most interesting tid bit we learned was that bright green snot is really bacteria poop. The kid was also slightly amazed that dust is mostly dead skin cells.

unnamed (11)unnamed (13) unnamed (18)

We had enough time and I had money and most importantly a coupon. We went and ate our feelings at the frozen yogurt place we love.  I normally attempt to make mine somewhat healthy. I get mostly fresh fruit toppings. Today it was all about chocolate, fudge, brownies…..okay yes I added some strawberries but only because they go good with hot fudge.

unnamed (19)

We came home and the kid did the last bit of her daily reading. I laid down and that was it. Sometimes as long as I keep going I don’t notice, but once I stop its like it hits me like a ton of bricks. Luckily the hubby came home shortly after we did.

Friday June 27th

We had not had much planned for Friday. We ended up watching Snickerdoodle.

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The kid did her reading and her math while we are there. Snickerdoodle had her first fashion lesson from the kid….and I got to color with Snickerdoodle. I forgot how much fun it is to color with an almost two year old. Its so much fun having the paper yanked or the crayon yanked. No its okay I was done anyway.  We also got some shopping in before the afternoon rain! Yay! Food is good!

Saturday  June 28th

We had an intergenerational intercongregational potluck picnic. It was a great time.  The kid was supervised in the lake by another parent. I got to take a hike with some friends. It was awesome.

10346298_721452017902638_1707197965336870519_n 1782183_721451914569315_1413882367997952180_n 10423644_721451511236022_6494864610647028707_n

The rest of the afternoon is going to be spent in recovery. Lots of bed rest. Reading and quiet time.


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