June 29th-July 5th


So this is what is on the schedule. Since we won’t have a car for a bit longer it will be interesting to see what we can get to and what we will have to miss.

With us doing so much walking I am flaring a lot more than I thought or had planned for. So far I have been able to rest in the late afternoons and hubby has made dinner a lot to help out. Between resting, herbal supplements, supplements and medication. I have knocked the flares down a few notches by the morning.  I am really quite surprised that they are for the most part behaving.  Here is what we will be attempting.

Sunday June 29

Walk to Church

Monday June 30


Cleaning job

 art in the park 9-11

Tuesday July 1

possibly walk with a friend early morning.

First library class : Get ready for the 4th of July by creating something Red, White and Blue. Get in the spirit with some patriotic music.

Second library class: The Unusual World of Ocean Invertebrates at Selby Library on Tuesday, July 01, 2014 at 2:00 PM.Ages 7-11. Participants will study living and preserved invertebrate species including sea stars, sea squirts, crabs and squid with Keith Wilson, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent. It will be a hands-on adventure for all!

Wednesday July 2  

Walk with friend early morning.

 Library class :
Keith Wilson, Extension Services Marie Biologist, will present an animated and exciting program about undersea creatures. 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., ages 5 – 11.

Thursday July 3

Walk to lesson

math tutor lesson

Friday July 4

BBQ and fireworks at friends house

Saturday July 5th

 The kid goes for a sleep over.


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