Craigslist Revisited


Things are getting a bit more serious now so I went back on Craigslist. I had narrowed the search criteria to very specific frames. 

It had to be listed for at least 1000 but no more than three thousand and have a clean title.

I found three that looked promising. VIN number was listed!!! So emails were sent.

I looked at the first three pages which was 100 listings. 


Now time for some comedic relief of stress.

What defines a good car?

1. this car starts up and drives possibly waterpump is bad

Thinking the water pump is kinda important…..possibly….

2.completely factory. Not molested, brand new ignition

That’s good because I don’t want my car being molested. Lets not even ask why it needed a brand new ignition

3.5 speed started just went out but I still drive it every day.. Push start $1500 or best offer I will also trade make An offer

I think this is what Fred Flintstone did everyday. Push start. Yeah works for me ….I will just send the kid to push start it. I promise I will slow down for her.

4.Needs a little work – needs battery, relay switch, maybe some fuses, and the alarm needs to be disabled! I

This does not sound suspicious at all. I know lots of people who had to disable the alarm. uh huh.

5. i selle my toyota corolla evrytin work good

This one had no picture. I trust you dude. (it could be legitimate.)


The engine is good….the rest of the parts that make the car drivable and “good” maybe not so much. 

7. not beat up just cant get pictures right now. I cant drive no more is why i got it for sale

So….what number DUI does this make this? and how do you define… Not beat up.

8. The body has surface rust on it but no through holes. 

It seems a bit too good to be true to spend three thousand on this jewel.

9.  2003 FORD FUCUS

This must be a new model. I have never heard of it.

10. engine runs good. Auto tranny slips in third. Runs and drives, just can’t go past second gear.

um…. what?

11.  Truck needs work or can be driven daily till dead if you prefer, 

And how long will that take….More than twenty four hours or more?

12. Runs great…..Transmission is rough — it drives but probably needs the transmission replaced. 

So how do you define great again?

13. runs and drives the car is 1000 takes power windows power door locks ac serious buyers only first 1000 takes please do not show up an offer me last night going to happen it runs and drives it’s an SUV 160000 miles sl modle look at the pictures before you show up 130000 miles

Trust me….the pictures make it a gem in the um…rough…

14.Squeak at front of engine has not been diagnosed. I have installed a new engine wiring harness, glow plugs, oil cooler and recently a water pump. Engine is strong, good acceleration and does not use or leak oil.

The squeak shows how strong the engine is……all engines should squeak right?

15. Decent car— tires 50-60percent body is a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Runs perfect 

Not entirely sure by the picture that the back door on driver side actually opens.  I am going to hazard a guess that the alignment is off as well…..Just a crunch…I mean hunch.




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  1. I was laughing out loud by #9 and #10. “runs good…just can’t go past 2nd gear.” Sounds like a great car as long as you don’t need to go over 25 mph! LOL


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