Week Three complete


We can plan only so much. We can do only so much. This is what life with a child is all about. It is also what life with a chronic illness is all about. Combined the two and things don’t always go as planned. This is a peak into our summer break, what is planned and followed by what actually happens.

Sunday June 15 Father’s day/teach dragonfly class at youth religious education


We then made Brownies for Father’s Day


Then we all went to the park for a picnic and bike ride

10456825_714500418597798_5315802268176928112_n 10454543_714500295264477_348990304453746301_n (1) 1545939_714500341931139_6415456766949170003_n

Monday June 16 art class,


committee mtg,( Let me just say I am not happy at all that she falls in the “tween” age group at most activities now. Not happy at all) tween fun lab 2pm-4pm Play with slime, make catapults, smash open rocks, fly gliders and more! Ages 8- 12.

10336647_715038608543979_840618108539593836_n 10469343_715038708543969_1911992832399039625_n 10478563_715038625210644_73361396808555452_n

Tuesday June 17 Cleaning job . math and reading lessons. Attempt cleaning house.

Okay so we did the cleaning job, she read. We did some errands. We had lunch. We came home and turned up our cleaning list jam and cleaned. Which really did not amount to anyone one room getting completely clean. Between me cleaning up , checking on where she was at cleaning her room, Where was I again? We picked up my husband from work. While we waited we had a math lesson. Took Daddy to do an errand.. We sat in the car and had another math lesson. So all our objectives got done today. I only needed minimal amounts of caffeine chocolate and salty foods. I kept my maniacal laughing to a minimum. All in all a good day.

Wednesday June 18

Oh boy…Wednesday.. yes we did get to art class.

unnamed (7)

Princess P had several nights with some severe gas so I took her on my walk for an hour so her mommy could get some kid free time.  Even if it was just to do errands.

unnamed (8)

It was on our way to a picnic lunch and a library class on marine animals, that our car died its tragic death.

Thursday June 19 Tutoring ,reading, writing prompt. Mommy takes a walk during math lesson.

So instead of Mommy taking a walk during math lesson, We walked to the math tutoring session.  I sat in on the tutoring lesson, recording some of it and listening, Cleaned out the car for the salvage yard.

unnamed (9)

Friday June 20 BEACH DAY. Its going to happen. Seriously…It is not allowed to rain, We will get there this week!

Yeah so life just completely laughed and said that is just not going to happen. We did go for a walk. I am at my highest calorie burn week of all time. Which is really good because I ate my feelings …..a lot…..

Saturday June 21 Learn to knit.

So we did not get to the library class but I have to say this was so much better. We went to Mote Marine Aquarium. There were many new things.

10426570_717958781585295_8826807662023959178_n 10458777_717923751588798_4846389100008660543_n

We also went to the bird sanctuary.


Then had Frozen Yogurt

Then burnt off sugar energy at the park.

I just don’t even know what to do at this point about a car. I am sure we will use the bus to get to some things. We will be able to carpool with friends on some others.

Its going to be a day by day thing. Just when I think we have gotten past this kind of stuff, have got our feet on somewhat more sturdy ground…..



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