Craigslist hunt for a car.


Well this was a pleasant hour if nothing else… Looking for a cheap car on Craigslist… Just the same nightmare I remember it being last time…..


Here are a few of my favorites.



I’m selling a 1995 Oldsmobile runs and drives well low miles 95000 older man driven. The bad things are is there is No ac also two of the windows don’t go down and I can’t seem to get the hood to open. Other than that it runs great *make me an offer*


Has a few hiccups here and there. Runs shaky sometimes and front brake pads stick (maybe because one is on a spare) and has no headliner but a good car to get you from point A to Point B. Had it checked out and supposedly has a blown head gasket. 

For Recyclers and Junkyards: The battery will be removed before you take it.


 car will run and can drive. 


 was driving great until today! Started to overheat.


The car does run just has some small mechanical issues that can be easily fixed.


 Runs, ignition switch is going.


.needs fuel pump was running perfect now fuel is not reaching engine 133k miles great gas mileage 4 cylinder

A picture is attached, but that is not the picture of the van. Same color. My camera is currently out of service right now. Serious inquires only please. Getting rid of it, due to a new baby on the way, we wont have the time to put into it to fix it up. Clean title. Thank you for looking. Sold as is.


Other than that, the car runs and is still in pretty good shape


 drives absolutely perfect but trans wont go in reverse all other gears are perfect


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  1. Hahaha “other than that it is a good car” reminds me of that old joke: “Other than that how did you like the movie Mrs. Lincoln?”
    These are the joker junkers we have to look at for my son soon. Good luck!


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