The reality of Week Two of Summer break June 8-14


We can plan only so much. We can do only so much. This is what life with a child is all about. It is also what life with a chronic illness is all about. Combined the two and things don’t always go as planned. This is a peak into our summer break, what is planned and followed by what actually happens.

Sunday June 8  Tye dye T shirt party at church with youth group  went to girls dance recital

Monday June 9  > Well as Mondays normally go…Things changed right away… Text from cleaning job saying can I come Tuesday instead. Sure!  We run some errands first. We get to the art center for her class. We wait and we wait and we wait.. No one shows up. Apparently there was a problem with the teacher and she had to choose a different class. There was luckily another pottery class available.


 While she did that I got a small walk in, I wasn’t up to a full walk. We had a fantastic and lovely rainbow picnic under the trees.

unnamed (1)

We saw the movie Monster U at the library.

unnamed (4)

We also made a short stop to pick more Exuvia from the dragonfly pond. We are giving a lesson on Dragonflies one Sunday for the kids program.

I was laying down by four pm and we were both in bed and almost asleep instantaneously by eight pm.

Tuesday June 10

Since my cleaning job was moved from Monday to Tuesday I had to keep telling myself over and over and over it was Tuesday.  While I cleaned the kid got her morning work done.

unnamed (3)

She also did some more research on Dragonflies. We may be becoming obsessed. We even sneaked some math in there. We had lunch with a friend of mine and then we were off exploring.

unnamed (5)

It has decided we are going to try and hike every trail at this park this summer. It is like five minutes from our house.

Wednesday June 11 …We had art class…. again this time though it was super hot and muggy and had rained so our picnic spot was not an option. We did end up going for a short walk and sitting at a pavillion for lunch. It was then off to dissect a squid.  It was an awesome class at the library.

10369115_712510832130090_8368494321754139757_n 10385486_712511362130037_840413439561282600_n 10414930_712511208796719_8169364742402877825_n

Thursday June 12


Math tutoring lesson which I sat on the couch and read. We went out to lunch with a friend and then to her house for a bit. Reading time and writing prompt were completed.

Friday June 13

Let me tell you how ready I was for a Mommy day. I didn’t even mind having to pack a lunch for her. It took great restraint not to just push her out the car at the daycare and drive off… I went in and signed her in and did all that motherly stuff.

Despite the rain and storm and stupid people driving on the road. We made it to our destination. It was not a hardship to look at baby stuff let me tell you.

Then lunch . The Cheesecake factor. Need I say more?

 I do?

Here let this speak for me.


And that was just the dessert. It was amazing. It was exactly what I needed.

Saturday June 14

I had a church meeting. We walked , well I walked she rode her bike, she brought her reading and math to do.  Later we get to tackle grocery shopping. The bright spot is I do have to go to Target.

So far Summer break has been kicking my butt. It has been a rather rude reality check for me on just how much it would take for me to be able to work and parent. I was starting to think maybe I could do that. Not sure I will ever be able to fully let that go.


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  1. I think you did a great job of parenting! Summer break doesn’t even start here until tomorrow and I’ve already lost track of one of my kids. (Not really, I just forgot what time he got out of school today.)


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