What we plan for June 15-22nd


We can plan only so much. We can do only so much. This is what life with a child is all about. It is also what life with a chronic illness is all about. Combined the two and things don’t always go as planned. This is a peak into our summer break, what is planned and followed by what actually happens.

I am seriously feeling the past week of activities. I feel like I am waking up hungover every morning. Like I was out dancing and partying and just got like two hours of sleep. This is with us home almost every afternoon by three thirty pm.  This is with me resting, normally in bed, as soon as we get home until bedtime.  My husband gets home around four pm and most nights its on him to get her in the shower and in bed. It doesn’t help that she is often awake at six am. Ready to start the day.  It is not just the physical part of keeping up with her. Its the questions. The millions of questions. I seriously think I say I don’t know about fifty times a day. The only blessing is now she can google herself, if we are home.

There will be more math going on. It looks like she is struggling with math a whole lot more than I realized.  After extensive reading , it is probably a math learning disability. The best thing to do with that is short but frequent lessons. Last summer our focus was on getting her reading to grade level. We have now flown past her grade level in reading. We can do this.

Sunday June 15  Father’s day/teach dragonfly class at youth religious education

Monday June 16 art class, committee mtg,( Let me just say I am not happy at all that she falls in the “tween” age group at most activities now. Not happy at all)  tween fun lab 2pm-4pm  Play with slime, make catapults, smash open rocks, fly gliders and more! Ages 8- 12.

Tuesday June 17  Morning walk/bike ride. math and reading lessons. Attempt cleaning house.

Wednesday June 18 art class (mommy takes a walk during class) , reading, math, Marine science 3pm  Join Marine Biologist, Keith Wilson for hands-on learning about local marine life.

Thursday June 19 Tutoring ,reading, writing prompt. Mommy takes a walk during math lesson.

Friday June 20  BEACH DAY. Its going to happen. Seriously…It is not allowed to rain, We will get there this week!

Saturday June 21 Learn to knit.

It will be interesting to see how this week turns out! Stay tuned!


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