Cereal Hack Trick



The kid kept asking for Honeysmacks. I know they are yummy but they are full of everything I don’t want her having, including a ridiculous amount of sugar. I didn’t set out to make this but it just kind of happened, as in we ran out of cereals that we liked. I had grabbed this puffed wheat as it was on sale, and it had no corn in it. Since I am corn intolerant that is always top on my mind.  I looked at it in our bowls and thought …hmmm..it probably does need just a tad sweetness.  I literally put like five circles around the bowl of honey. We use local raw unfiltered honey. I stirred the cereal first as I remembered just in time if I poured cold milk the honey would harden and not spread. So Stir honey and cereal. Then add milk. We could not believe how yummy it was. It really does taste like honeysmacks and it has a lot less sugar. SCORE!


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