Summer Break preview week two June 8-14



So here is what my schedule looks like :

Sunday June 8  Tye dye T shirt party at church with youth group

Monday June 9  I have my cleaning job which we moved the time to eight am so I could get her to class on time. She will be reading for about an hour and half  while I clean. Art class starts 10 -12  (Learn to make animal figurines, memory boxes, and more with polymer
clay. You will use acrylic paint, beads, glitter, wire, and a whole lot of
tools.)  This art class is done by our art center and they have scholarships which I got her for this class.     Picnic lunch under the oak tree.

Tuesday June 10    Clean the house, including kids room

Wednesday June 11 Art class in am ten to noon same as Monday Squids 2 pm ( Discover the Squids of Florida waters from the inside out. This is a hands-on dissection class. )..Read in the car for the trip to the library…Get there at two even though I got an email that says three pm which is the overflow class. We may still get in early and an extra hour at the library won’t hurt either.  Writing prompt: What did you learn about squids?

Thursday June 12 Math tutoring lesson ( I will probably try for a walk again), Go to the beach. Read at the beach.

Friday June 13  ditching the kid and going with a friend to help finish her baby registry and eat at the cheesecake factory!

Saturday June 14 I have a church committee meeting.  Craft Father’s day present of some kind


Truthfully just looking at this list makes me tired.


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