Tuesday Ten- summer bucket list


The Golden Spoons

This year’s Summer bucket list.

1. Beach: Let me expand on that since we live in Florida. My goal is to get to the beach at least once a week. It is a lot more labor intensive then people think. Especially when going with kids. Sunscreen, Water, Snacks. Blanket. Book, Towels, Buckets and Shovels, Ziplock bags(for shells and other “treasures”)  Then the clean up and the miles of sand that ends up everywhere. But I am determined. Plus its free.


2. Hiking: I want to also hit a nature trail at least once a week. I have some planned that are a bit of a drive but also I just want to keep up with my walking and also keep my daughter interested in fitness.


3. visit from friends: I have a friend who is planning a visit. It only happens once a year. I am looking forward to all of it.  Seeing her, seeing my town through her eyes.

1239718_10151805168608818_1328625834_n   1047918_10151742227168818_704220057_o

(doesn’t she take the best pictures?)

4. Science: We have buckets of science planned. From library classes to dissections to aquariums and museums. The best part is the library classes are free and they run from squids, to germs, to invertebrate animals, even an archaeology class.


5. Art class: This is a fun one. My daughter gets to do a pottery class. I get four hours twice a week kid free. I kinda want to do some of the pottery stuff with her but its her deal. Maybe we will get modeling clay so we can practice huh.

6. Reading: Oh the reading. We have been stacking up books for the last month. We may have gotten a bit carried away but we are okay with that. READ ALL THE BOOKS!

7. Disney camping trip: We are camping at Fort Wilderness. We are going to Epcot. We have planned it so that we get there one day, we go to Epcot another, we have another to relax and then head home.


8 Learn to knit: This is a class I am hoping to sneak in on. We have been practicing sowing and she wants to do more and more things.  So maybe we can learn this one together.

9. Sleep in . Most of the classes and things scheduled don’t start until at least nine. So I don’t have to get out of bed before eight am! I am so so so looking forward to doing that and can’t wait to see the end tally of how many days I actually accomplished it!

10. Surprises: It may be an odd thing to have on a bucket list. I want surprises. It would not be as fun if everything we planned went exactly as planned. It is often the things that happen by surprise that make things better.

I will have to do a post at the end of the summer to see how many of these actually happen!


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  1. Nice.

    I’m jealous you guys can go to the beach so often. We don’t leave near one. We get to go to a beach in June though!


  2. #3 is ON baby! your mysterious friend who only visits once a year is gonna rock that town! we’re also accomplishing goals “beach” and “hiking,” even though “beach” really a pain in the ass. non-sun-coasters totally don’t get that, lol. “Life’s a Beach” may not actually be a good thing to say!


  3. Great list! Definitely need some surprises. We go tot he beach for a week wit my hubby’s family every year. I agree that it is a lot of work – we drag everything down to the beach ever day for a week. By the end, we are all done with it! 🙂


  4. Wow everyone has th beach on their lists! That is definitely a Must Do for the summer and I hope you get to check it off every week just like you want 🙂


  5. Sounds like a fun summer! I’m thinking I need a summer bucket list too – it’s a great idea and maybe it will keep me from feeling all sad over Labor Day weekend because I didn’t do anything. And I agree the beach is labor intensive. There are so many things to haul down there.


      • Yeah, you sure do need a plan with kids and summer. I know all too well that the summer can slip away without any fun or productivity happening. At the very least, it must be exciting to have all those books to look forward to reading!


  6. Lawdy, this is the best list ever! Sounds like quite a fun summer. Science and books and hikes and EPCOT? Super jealous! Especially the sleeping in part, lucky!
    You’re also lucky I’m afraid to travel that far in the car with 2 kids or we would be on our way to gate crash 🙂
    I love that you added “surprises.” That is the best. Fun little last-minute spontaneous things that I can’t overthink because they just happen! FUN!!


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