Forced to Unplug


It dropped into the waves. My phone. I had it tucked into my bra,the strap holding it still. A friend and I had been walking on the beach. I bent over to stretch my back and rinse my hands off. Then I kicked something. I looked down. There was my phone.

Really…all I could think of was cuss words. Lots and lots of cuss words.

My life was on that!

Not just texting. Not just Facebook, Instagram and most importantly PET SAGA!!! My camera! My calandar!! GOOGLE!! RUNKEEPER!!!

No worries right. This is why I back up my phone to the cloud right… yeeeaaahhhhh.

I obviously can not walk now unless I am with someone who has a pedometer!!! My OCD said it was so and really it was not something I wanted to put energy into fighting.

I had to carry the real camera around if I wanted to take pictures and if you know me at all. You know I take pictures of everything. Not just one. TONS. I literally have taken over three hundred pictures in two hours before! For reals!!

How I did not crumple into a fetal position right there in the waves, I do not know.

Now that I have my phone back in my hand…….

I can say now I have less inclination to check every alert. Even though my ocd brain still say OMG CHECK IT NOW. It will be okay.I more and more leave my phone on silent and forget to even check for any notifications of any kind.

I now realize the importance of having multiple calendars……I got sick of saying oh I am so sorry my calendar was wiped when I lost my phone by like the second time I missed something.

I am more aware that my Attention Deficit tendrils had gotten really really bad.  There was almost always something I could distract myself with when my phone was in my hand.

It was still a disaster. It was still the most inconvenient time ever for it to happen. It did however make me look at everything much closer. How distracted was I? Was I missing things because I was distracted?

It was a learning experience.  It would not have worked if I had just turned off the phone. I do not think I could have resisted. I don’t always have a strong self discipline.


Most important lesson though is still to have more than one calender going.


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  1. I can relate, but only recently. I’ve only had my phone for a couple of months. Before i used a IPAd but it isn’t the same as how easy the phone is and I am a little obsessed with it! I have to keep it on the charger so I am not distracting myself. Good post that we all could use.


  2. It’s definitely harder to stay connected without a phone. I had a smart phone for a few months but I gave it to my teenager since he was the “only” kid in the “whole” school who didn’t have one. Now I feel very clueless and unconnected but I’m okay with that. For now. 🙂


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