So maybe I am a clarinet……


This is something I wrote a bit ago and have been picking on and really I just need to publish it and leave it alone so here it is.

So today I was at a memorial, it was a friends husband. It was sad but also somewhat expected, he had cancer and some other issues and we all knew it was a matter of time. Still, this is not to say it was easy.  They had handed out drinks because he wanted a proper Irish Wake. I chose half a glass of white wine since I still had to pick up the kid.  and they were listening to soft jazz. I sat there thinking I don’t listen to jazz nearly enough.  I was thinking about I need to work more on writing. Then suddenly I was thinking about how I wish I learned to play the piano and back in the older days everyone learned because there was no tv.  really envy people who play the piano. Who can just sit down anywhere at a piano and play. I know I could learn. Then I was remembering how in school I played the clarinet,I was always sorta mad about that. I had a great band teacher in middle school who set me on the path of the clarinet. It was a good fit, even if I did not admit it at the time. I liked the piano or a saxophone or a flute, anything but the clarinet. I wanted something that showed passion, I could not see passion in the clarinet. It wasn’t until years later I realized the clarinet had a deep unassuming beauty. It is a beautiful and capable of some truly complex sounds.  The more I thought about this the more I could see we were a good fit. As I continue my path of self analysis and self love. I realize more and more that I resonate with the clarinet and its unassuming quiet deep beauty.


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