Friday verbal diarrhea


I had it in my mind I was going to get a really good walk in. I had it set in my mind a four miles walk. There was somewhat of a change of plans with our friends. Instead of walking we were going to take a bike ride to the park with the kids. Four kids, two adults. The weather cooperated and we took the kids for a bike ride. The kids rode their bikes. I walked behind to bring up the rear. The first three quarters of a mile were really good. It was a pretty good pace to keep up with.



Then we got to the park. There was some resting then we walked some more. Mostly it was aimless wandering. We ended up at the fitness trail. When we were done with the trail our friend was there was the van. The kids were done. There was no riding back or even walking back for them. All told it was three miles.  The only problem I had with it was it was not at a consistent pace.  It was good enough for now.

We went back to their house and had lunch. I ran to Target to get Easter Basket stuff and the kid watched a movie with the other girls.

We came back to the house and both the kid and I crashed for two hours. We mainly just laid down and watched tv. We both needed the down time. 

So then it was off to pick up my husband from work. It was of course now raining. We had some errands to run but while my husband did his errands the kid and I walked around Ross. Then we swung by McDonalds for dinner for the husband, I got a carmel Frappe. We dropped him off. There was still an hour and half before I could take the kid to movie night at Tae Kwon Do. It was pointless to go all the way across town back to the house only to come back to where we were for movie night. We wandered around Books A Million. Really what could be more perfect to kill an hour and half on a rainy day? Nothing that’s what.


Finally it was time. I could drop her off. They would feed her dinner and a movie, I could pick her up and then it would be bedtime. So Now I had three hours on my hands with no husband and no kid. What to do what to do. Almost on auto pilot I was driving home. I didn’t really want to go home though. Not really. I had pent up anxiety left to walk out. I knew I did. I decided I was going to get that walk in after all. I started the runkeeper app and my audible book. I was just going to walk until I was ready to turn around. Not look at how far I have gone. Yeah right. I don’t even know who this competitive person is anymore. Now a good walk is at least two miles. If you have been following me since the beginning you know this has been a slow and steady process. One that has taken me almost a year and half to get to where I am in walking. Half a mile in and I was just hitting my stride. I couldn’t turn around now. I made it to 1.15 miles. Turned around and started back. I was making excellent time. I have now programmed the runkeeper app that my target range is 1 mile in twenty minutes. There is a glitch in the system and before I have even been walking twenty minutes it starts telling me I am behind my Target pace. It irritates me but I have noticed I keep a better pace so for the time being it is staying that way.  

Stopped at the little bridge to tie my shoe…almost screamed.


Then realized he was just a baby still. 

Afterwards. I am almost done with my audible book.I got in a two and half mile walk. I felt satisfied and there was no pent up anxiety left. Of course my joints in my hips knees ankles even my feet joints are all incredibly pissed off with me. Thats okay. They can be pissed off at me. The less I walk the more I hurt. So I walk. I walk even when I don’t want to walk. 


Now that the verbal diarreaha is out of my head I feel maybe I can actually relax the last hour I have by myself! 


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  1. Sure glad you got your walk in. That’s one thing I miss the most, my exercise. I sure hope one day I can get back to walking miles like I used to. Have a good weekend.:)


      • How long did it take you to work up to 5 1/2 miles? That’s a lot for being chronically ill. Good job. Did you just start out by going around the block one time, or what? I have to be very careful as to not hurt myself in the progress because that will only set me back. My therapist tells me to only do like 5 or 10 miles on my treadmill at a time to start. Sigh……………..that just seems like a waste to me. I’ve always been one to exercise a minimum of 1 hour at a time. I’d rather not even do it at all than to only do a few minutes. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Take care.


      • I started out by walking the dogs for twenty minutes. I worked up from hardly going on any walks. I got up to half a mile stayed there for a while..moved it up to a mile.. Stayed there for a while. I found it was better to walk every other day than every day. It allowed for some recovery time. It took me a year to get comfortable at a mile and half. Recently I have been pushing myself. I have a walking partner now and we spur each other on. Plus when you are walking and talking you don’t realize how much you are walking. Often though my walks completely zap me for the day still. Its a trade off that I mostly plan.


      • Thank you so much for sharing your progress with me. That gives me a very good idea on how to start. It is much easier when you have do have a friend to do it with. I remember when I used to work and I worked right next to a park with a walking trail that was marked with the mileage, three laps around was a mile and we would walk before work for 30 minutes and on breaks for 15 minutes, and then I would walk for 30 minutes at lunch time by myself, because my friend enjoyed eating lunch. I’ve never enjoyed eating and eating makes me sick now with all my illnesses. I’ll try to start walking on my treadmill or outside for 20 minutes just as soon as I get over this bronchitis, makes it difficult to breathe while just laying her, let alone trying to exercise. I’m going to write this down and try what you did. I used to walk almost 5 miles a day. Sucks to have to start all over. Thanks, again, for the tips. Hope your day was a good one.


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