The trials of bloodwork


I really hate getting blood work done. I have picky veins. The left arm is so scarred that it is extremely hard to get blood from it at this point. The right arm is a bit better , but you must use a butterfly needle.


So even though I know its important, I still drag my feet. I also almost always have to fast. That is hard when you have insomononononmia. I don’t eat cereal most mornings. Unless you count midnight, one am or two am as morning. I wake up and it is impossible to go back to sleep until I have eaten something. So fasting…not so much fun.

Today it took about twenty five minutes because some of the codes had changed and then there is always the fun of actually getting the blood. I used to be very phobic of needles. I still can’t watch them put it in, but now I can sometimes watch the blood fill the vials. Two sticks, six vials of blood, twenty five minutes…..this is why I dread blood work. What a way to start a day!  The only way to survive this kind of thing is a sense of humor. The tech and nurse at this lab also have a good sense of humor. We cracked jokes and made the best of the situation. We joked that we needed an ultrasound to find my veins. 


At least today is Frozen Yogurt Friday. I think I will be treating myself to extra hot fudge and maybe even some whipped cream on mine today.


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