I just want to be alone! A Book Review


I was expecting a package. I just wasn’t expecting it to be a package from Amazon. It seemed like just yesterday they were saying it would be arriving on March 27 or 28th. Suddenly it was the 26th and it was here. I literally tore open the package and took that baby in the car with me to carline. I could not wait to dive into it.

unnamed (2)

Just in case you think : ” I don’t have time to read to a stopping point.” The book is in short essay form. Easy peasey lemon squeezey to read one essay in the five minute wait in carline.

To say I was quickly addicted to this book is like the understatement of the year. I read the first fifty pages without even blinking. Oh wait, I should like pay attention to my family?  Meh, they can survive, I am really relating to these women! There was lots of chuckling and eye rolling and oh honey I so understand.

Some how I managed to put the book down and go to sleep. I am really not sure how I did that.

The next day as soon as I could I was reading it again. Dishes….nope, not even going to attempt them. I did manage to keep the laundry going.

Then our Internet/cable connection went out which was somewhat okay with me. It was somewhat because I had been in the middle of a writing a blog post which I lost because I did not notice until after I clicked out of the blog. Auto save does not work while there is no internet connection. However this meant I had more time to read. In a rare occurrence, hubby was laying down in the bed too, So I read one of the essays to him out loud. I first had to tell him how I had read this particular essay while waiting for Bridget to get done with Tae Kwon Do. Subsequently I am now convinced the other parents that were there think I am stark raving mad with how much I snorted, snorkeled and gawfed. I couldn’t help it. Men+shart+shat=insanely funny. When finished reading this to him , I said I am glad only one of us has to deal with IBS issues that could ever end up with that kind of result.

unnamed (1)

Then I got to the point where it was really time to go to bed. But I only had forty more pages left in the book. I really wanted to finish it. There is no school tomorrow so I decided to live dangerously and stay up and read it. Nope. I apparently can’t do that anymore. I fell asleep with twenty pages to go.

The next day I finished it. laughing so hard I could barely breathe. I met a friend for lunch. I made her read an essay right then and there because if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was her and her husband. I told her to take it home and enjoy. It is that good!

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