Joint Juice


This is just what has worked for me. It actually started as a craving. I was on a walk. I suddenly wanted cucumber lemon and celery juice. I had not been juicing or even getting juice at this point. I added an apple to kinda balance the taste out.

It was exactly the flavor/taste I was looking for.  It helped my joints recover from the walk as well.

After several weeks of this every Monday. I then added Ginger.It was even better. I started with just a small amount of ginger as it can be a bit spicy.

I have only been adding Tumeric for two weeks. It has been very helpful and I do notice I need less aspirin or advil throughout the day.

I stumbled onto this not realizing the health benefits in these specific products.

After months of stalking GoodWill. I finally found a juicer in my price range.

So here is what I have been doing for my joint juice.

Half a large cucumber

One Large Red apple.

Four stalks of Celery

Half a lemon

1/4 inch of Ginger root

approximately one inch of tumeric root.

It wasn’t until I realized it was helping me so much that I looked into the benefits of these specific choices.

Apples have heart and lung health properties. Which is great news since I have a heart condition and allergic asthma.

Tumeric is antimicrobial, potent natural anti inflammatory,a natural painkiller,skin health, liver health and it is a natural anti-histimine.. This is like the best thing for me ever.. It covers just about everything I have going on.

Lemon is a great for the immune system, high in vitamin c, aids digestion and even has heart health properties.

Ginger is for anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, immune health and aids in circulation.

Cucumbers are also great anti-inflamtories, restores hydration, has potassium and magnesium for muscle health,  as well as can help lower blood pressure.

Last but not least is Celery. Celery for me was a very unassuming addition. I mean I didn’t really think it had a flavor or much nutritional value. I could not have been more wrong. Celery is anti-cancer, lowers blood pressure, can help lower bad cholesterol, helps lower inflamation , it also has a calming effect so is helpful for insomnia.

It is important to remember that this is not an instantaneous effect. It is a slow but steady help. It builds up.

Do your research on vegetables and fruits to see which will give you the most impact.


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    • You can easily leave it out… I didn’t get any this week or last for that matter because the ones I wanted were too expensive… This is really just what has been working for me..The amounts are not significant. I truly believe you will know possibly two or three days after starting what you need to increase or decrease


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