Simple things like baby goats


It’s hard to believe a little over a year ago we did not know the allure of this field. We look every time we go by….at least twice a day. We delight in the goats antics in the little glimpses we sneak as we go by. I think the one that makes us giggle the most is when they are on top of the hay stack, King of the world style.  There is always a little bit of disappointment when they are not out in the field. They can pass back and forth through their different pastures.


It seems like we were just down there trying to figure out which ones we thought were pregnant. It is more obvious when they are having two. We have been wrong a time or two and they were just getting fat. We have eagerly awaited the baby goats. It is a little spike of excitement when we either go by or come down to the field and find a new baby awaiting. The cuteness is hard to resist.


They are so adorable. I do feel for the Mama’s though. When they want more milk they head  butt the tit. It makes my boobies hurt to watch that.  I want to whisper I know Mama I know.  The two that had twins, even worse. I love how mama just decides she is done nursing and walks off. It does not matter if baby is done or not.  They generally let her go and look around for something else to entertain them. Soon enough they will be back, head banging those tits.


It is a nice stroll down the street from us.It is not enough of a walk that even on high pain days I can normally manage it. I can walk there and generally take as long as I need to recover before heading back. Sometimes we take our dogs with us. It was a lot of fun to watch them figure out what in the heck these things are. Just as much fun to watch the goats try to head butt them through the fence. The dogs have never been harmed, we always pull them out of the way. Our street basically dead ends into their field. Eight year old’s have boundless energy so any little thing to exhaust energy is always welcome. Sometimes there is scraps of produce that have escaped through the fence that we feed to the goats. They gobble it up eagerly because, you know food is always better from the other side.  Occasionally we save things for them, apples and carrots mostly.

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We have slowly also grown attached to the donkey. He has slowly warmed up to us. He was a bit shy of us at first but now comes right over and expects to be petted as well as a few sniffs of your fingers. Don’t leave them there for more than a few seconds. He thinks they are tastey too. There is just something about his brown dopey eyes that is hard to resist. He is just as feisty over fresh produce as the goats and does not think twice to push them out of his way.  Goats can be stubborn and he makes his desires well known, sometimes by kicking. I guess this is turn about is fair play as we have seen them try to head butt him out of the way too.


I delight in watching my daughters joy over the antics of the goats. Her high pitched laughter when they nibble the leaves right out of her hands. She names them her own made up names. She remembers what she names them. Then changes their names when she finds out they are female like the one today.  Sometimes she names them based on behavior, sometimes by color and other times just whatever name is tickling her fancy.


Its a simple pleasure to walk down the street, enjoying the little glimpses of life around us.  I like to watch the way the sunlight hits the trees, the birds circling above us and just breathe. After ten minutes or so I sit down to wait for my daughter to be done thoroughly enjoying the goats. She never tells me there are just little hints.  Little behaviors that I know signal she is loosing interest and its time to go on. Before we go I take a few moments to look around. Soak in the early evening. Appreciate the quiet little moments of bliss as they come. I give her a minute or two warning and then we are walking back home. Heading back to the routines of our evening on a school night.



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