On keeping house….or not so much.


I really hate cleaning.

I mean like really.

At the same time, I like things clean. I know it helps my anxiety depression and ocd when things are in there proper place and clean. I still have moments of OMG THIS MUST BE CLEAN RIGHT NOW OR I WILL GO CRAZY.

The problem is I clean, then life happens. I have a hard time recleaning something that I just cleaned this morning. I just look at it and go …uuuuugghhh ..yyeaahh.. that bothers me but I am super tired now. Sleep sounds so much better than cleaning that up. Even though I know it would be less to take care of later, I do. At one time I could just clean it up and not think twice about it. Now though, I have to look at everything and consider how much energy that is going to take. At one time I could clean the whole house in four hours and be done with it, and maintained it as well. I miss those days….one kid, several cats and a few dogs and a couple chronic illnesses and that is no longer a reality. Since none of my animals like to clean…..dam you snow white….I do it.

I try to get the major things done in one day. I am constantly doing laundry. I would love to have a laundry day but that just doesn’t work for us. It never has.  The only problem with this is, I am so completely wiped by the end. When you have a kid, being wiped out is never a good thing. That’s when they turn into monsters. They know when your energy stores are critically low and it flips the monster switch.

So what’s a gal to do.

Typically I resort to pacing myself. Twenty minutes of cleaning vs. twenty minutes of resting. Sometimes I need more resting.  Sometimes I throw pacing aside and get as much done as possible before collapsing. That is normally when my ocd is really bothering me. I can’t sit still until its done.

Sometimes I find it helpful to imagine the ultimate cleaning tool. Like a lysol bomb. Toss it in the room and shut the door quick… BOOM.  Well if it was lysol it probably would only sterilize. That might work. A sterilized mess.

or like those little scrubbers like in the commercial, only they would be robots.  Robots that instinctively know when they need to scrub extra hard and when just going over the area once is good. They would work by remote control and you could flip the switch and it would suck all the cleaning product back up and leave the surface dazzling clean.

A spray that repels dirty clothes right into the hamper. Never have to worry about making it in the hamper again. Just spray it on your floors and presto, never have clothes on the floor ever again. This would come in handy for people with kids. Kids are seriously not aware that they drop their clothes where ever they are.You tell them..Pick up your socks. What socks? I don’t see any socks.

My favorite might just be the bed that automatically makes itself when you get out of the bed. Corners perfectly tucked. Pillows fluffed. Maybe a spray or two of febreeze lavender scented of course.  If it the bedding is too dirty, an alarm will sound. I am still working on perpetually clean sheets.

Lets not even talk about cleaning out the car…… That is a definite hazard zone.

Until one day when these things exist I will keep trying to keep the house clean. There will never be enough energy and if its a choice of quality family time vs cleaning. Quality family time always wins. Sometimes time out with friends counts too. It is disgustingly easy to convince me the housework will wait and to go out and play.

This is just keeping up the little things in the house. It is not including things like going through the refrigerator, things growing?? Science projects gone wrong? Just how much of the meat can have freezer burn? I could probably answer those or provide samples at the very least.

If one day I actually have the house clean and the other things are done like the refrigerator or the car, it is time to raid the kid’s drawers for those clothes that you know don’t fit her but haven’t had the energy or the memory to set aside when doing the laundry.  It is easier to sneak those things out when the kid is at school. She tries to hide some things. Don’t worry. Mommy knows alllllllll the hiding spots. Now what we find in the hiding spots with the too small clothes? That is another story.

Don’t worry, if one day alllllll of that is done, there is always grocery shopping……..






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