Sometimes they have to do to learn….


Wednesday was an insanely busy day. We went to the zoo. We left the house early, drove for an hour to reach said zoo. Two moms , an eight and half year old…….and an eighteen month old. In a word….exhausting.

I knew today needed to be a low key day. I needed the time to recover. Fibromyalgia and arthritis are not nice. It was almost ten o’clock in the morning before the mommy guilt started. She is on spring break. We should be doing stuff. She has been asking to go to the beach. So I ask if she wants to go even though it is cold out.

“But it is always warm at the beach.”

“Not always its a bit chilly outside.”

” It’s not cold to me I want to go.”

So I pack up a blanket to lay on. I am wearing jeans and a light sweater. She is in her bathing suit with a sundress thrown on top. I make her grab her jacket too. Some snacks and some water, my book and we are off.

It is currently 57 degrees out. It was a little disappointing but not really surprising that there was a red flag up. High surf and rip currents flag. We were not deterred though I did put the blanket down right in front of the lifeguard shack. I told my daughter she could not go in the water past her ankles.  She was cold but she would not admit that she was.



I figured she would get cold enough and be done…..eventually.



I was comfy and content reading on the blanket. Keeping an eye on her as well.  Jumping over the waves, delighting in every little shell , laughing when a wave knocked her over.



Even caught her meditating a bit. Of course that only lasted a minute or two.

Finally she was too cold to enjoy herself. She was shivering and her lips were starting to turn purple. I told her lets go. We started packing up. Of course we had to take at least ten shells home she found. Ooops make that nine, one still had a critter in it.  She could take a warm bath when we got home. She could even take her shells into the bath tub.

She did indeed take a warm bath when we got home, for an hour.

Sometimes you have to experience the beach when its fifty seven degrees out. Sometimes you have to make your fun where you can. Sometimes it is worth being a little cold.


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  1. I remember being younger and being able to stand all kinds of weather to be on the beach. My daughter is like me- doesn’t matter how cold it is, it is never to cold for the beach. Kudos to you for taking her out!


  2. Totally agree! One trip we made back hone to Australia the kids swam in Bondi Beach in winter. I’m sure it was only in the 50’s but they were so beach starved they didn’t care. And they were totally blue by the end! But memories were made 😉 Thanks for Hooking Up to the Hump Day Hook Up


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