What is on their mind?


Recently my daughter had a child from Chile visiting in her class for two months. It was a wonderful experience. She learned so much.

Her last day was this Friday. They had been busy making a book for her to take with her. I did not realize it is going to be duplicated. Reading through it I was amazed at what second and third graders have on their minds.

Things like I cry when I see homeless people, I hope for peace to end war, and I say slavery is wrong. I mean wow. I worry about my life, I wonder how my sister will look when she is grown, and I feel like I am beautiful. 

It has never been so clear that these are individual people who have so much to offer and have some amazing hearts.

This is what my daughter wrote:

I Am

By: Maggie

I am Maggie.

I wonder about friendship.

I hear laughter

I see love

I want cupcakes

I am myself.

I pretend I am a princess.

I feel like I am beautiful

I touch dogs.

I worry about myself.

I cry when I don’t get my way.

I am a second grader.

I understand love.

I say yay!

I dream about hearts

I try to focus.

I hope to be a dancer.



Some of it surprised me, some of it didn’t but, never has it been so obvious she is her own person. Yet at the same time she is so much like me. 


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  1. I have seen teachers give kids that type of template to write a poem. I think it is a great way to help kids share parts of themselves, and be introspective. If you just told a kid, “Write a poem about your deepest thoughts,” many would be stumped. But give them those words to start with, and they write something beautiful!


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