Spring break and the chronic illness parent


It is not as bad as Summer. I will say that. It can help prepare us for what summer will bring though. There is more planning involved when my daughter is home  all day for several days, then there is when she is in school for six hours. It is harder to pace, eight and half year olds have a lot of energy. They also have a lot of questions and a lot of curiosity.

Finding the right mix of keeping her busy and still allowing her to be a kid, without throwing myself into a flare. The second part is what I struggle with the most. I have a better ability to tune out pain and discomfort when she is around. It takes me longer to realize that I have gone past my limits. It takes me longer to realize that I need to rest. I know it is my weakness when it comes to managing my illnesses. I can hyper focus on what we are doing that I can ignore the normal warning signs that crop up. Over five years of this chronic crap you wold think I would have it down. It is still something I struggle with though.

I would like  to say it did not sneak up on me this year, but it did. Three different friends and I discussed plans. One of them and I even got the details and the day planned.  So how is it I am looking at our calendar and  that is the only thing planed?  Two weeks should have been plenty of time to plan out one measly week. It is not like I want something BIG planned each day. A play date, a planned walk, or something along those lines.  I will need to plan times for recovery as well. There will be times to relax while she is keeping up on her reading. I do want to keep her TV time the same as it is normally. The last thing I need during this week is tv brain kid syndrome too.

When you are dealing with Chronic illness and Chronic Pain you forget how much routine helps. There will be very little routine in the week of Spring Break. I have to keep that in mind. I will probably also need to medicate a bit more aggressively then I normally do.  Staying on top of the pain will be essential. Medicating a head of time and good nutrition will be key. I tend to just deal with more pain during the day when she is in school. I hate taking pain meds and I feel if I can tough it out I should. I typically only medicate in the morning and late afternoon/early evening. It will be essential to take even a half dose to keep it under control mid-day. It will be essential to avoid high sugar foods as much as possible.  I would say to keep my caffeine intake low as well , but, we all know that won’t happen. I will plan on trying to pace out the caffeinated drinks with water in between.

It will also be important to be gentle with myself if I do flare. The likelihood that a flare will happen is pretty high. The thing I hope for is for it to happen when she is back in school. That would be ideal. We all know that chronic pain and chronic illness does not do what is ideal. We do what we can to keep it in check though.


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