Three days


Three days of rain

Collar bone….constant pain. TMJ is flaring because of all the pains that go on on a daily basis…. the collar bone is the one that makes me grit my teeth the most.

Yesterday it was all about getting my joints to pop. They just had that feeling that if I could get them to pop I would get relief. Not just a pop though, a good pop. Not tiny pops…I finally got good some good pops and got a few hours of sleep.

I am so tired of having no energy or motivation to move because moving hurts.

It goes against everything I have worked for to keep complaining. I have been holding it in.

Then today it just continued. None of my tried and true methods was working. Not even my emergency measures are working.

This is one of those times that I could just curl up in a miserable ball and say fine I will just stay in bed. I won’t do anything. I will watch tv mindlessly.

Instead I am getting ready to go get the kid from school, We are going to do our friday thing and get frozen yogurt. I let her add whatever toppings she wants…no matter how much sugar it is. There are no rules for frozen yogurt.  We are then dropping her off for a sleep over and my husband and I are going on a date.

It may be there. The arthritis and fibro may not be happy with the weather..But I am going to enjoy my life, even if that means I need to keep reminding myself to stop clinching my teeth. Even if that means more pain. EVEN IF.


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