This is the wrap up installment of Prepare, Pace and now recovery. Sometimes this is a bit easier to accomplish because the pain is normally there. What we need to remember is that when the pain subsides….we still need to rest.

Our bodies go through so much during an activity, pain is even more draining, so resting is essential.

Allowing yourself to rest can be just as hard as the actual pacing. I find I get restless. I know I need to be resting but I can’t sit still.

Hydration is a good key to getting on your way to recovery. The less your body has to work to function the better so keep up eating healthy snacks and drinking water. It will be one less thing your body has to worry about.  I have found sometimes crunchy snacks will help eat up some of the restless feelings. Carrots, almonds, celery and even apples or pears.

Make sure you are taking your medications! Set your phone alarm if you have to, it is worse to let your medications run out! Your body has to work even harder then.  I tend to set my alarm 15 minutes before the four or six hour mark and medicate then.  If you are using OTC pain killers like I do, alternate between Tylenol and ibuprofen. You would be surprised how much of a difference that can make, not to mention it is a tad easier on your stomach. At least it is for mine.  If you are taking Tylenol remember to take a multi B vitamin supplement in the morning. It also doesn’t hurt to throw a few tums in there. If you can find the ones with extra calcium so much the better. The key is to protect your body as much as possible so it can rest.

Recovery is kinda misleading. A lot of us will not recover completely. We get to a status quo, that is what I am talking about. A normal pain level, even that sounds wrong but you know what I mean.

The days after a large activity or a really busy day, go to bed when the kids go to bed. Sometimes that is way easier said than done. There are other times though that I am in bed before the kid is.  Allow yourself the maximum time to be in bed.


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    • Make sure you talk to your doctor about this first, supplement by your blood test results…

      Pain Relievers

      Naproxyn, indomethacin, celecoxib and ibuprofen can all deplete folic acid.

      Acetaminophen can deplete glutathione—one of the body’s most effective natural anti-oxidants.

      So if you have chronic pain and are using any of these pain-relievers, make sure you talk to your doctor about supplements, particularly B-vitamins such as folic acid and anti-oxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E and others (some examples include grape seed extract, resveretrol, astaxanthin, acai etc) to make up for the lost glutathione. (Glutathione supplements are not very well-absorbed by mouth).


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