Guest post: American Recall Center


I was recently contacted by Dr. Mario Trucillo  about a website he recently launched. I found it pretty easy to navigate and clear cut information. Below is a write up he did to introduce you to his site. I will link the site below that. I found this particularly interesting as I was on a birth control for over six months before anyone mentioned to me that it had been recalled. This is an important step in being in charge of your medical care. Doctors, hospitals and even pharmacist are only human. 




Today, more and more people are living healthy and happy lives with the aid of prescription drugs and even artificial joints that keep them active. Even so, every once in a while, you might have a question. Am I taking the right prescription? Should my knee throb like this? With more and more doctors and other health professionals taking on more and more patients and with a wide variety of available treatments, it may seem overwhelming at times just to get an answer to your concerns. Yet you know it’s important to use prescriptions correctly or to stay up to date on safety alerts for medical devices. What do you do?


The answer: contact The American Recall Center because the information you need is now directly at your fingertips. This ARC website gives you access to all the data you need before, between, and after checkups. Do you need info on a prescribed drug? Do you want to know about a hip replacement recall? Are you worried about whether you should eat certain foods? Go right to the website; the info is there in plain language and terminology that even the most non-medical of users can easily understand. It’s all there and it arms you with all the facts.


The American Recall Center not only supplies the medical data you need. It offers an exclusive feature in its Patient Safety Alerts. This is a customized-to-you notification system that puts updates in your inbox about the medications that directly affect you. All you have to do is select the drugs or medical device categories that concern you. When the FDA issues a safety update on anything in your categories, you’ll receive an email. With Patient Safety Alerts, you will never slip through a crack in any FDA update. Best of all, it means that the American Recall Center and you are keeping your health a top priority.


Go check out his site:


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