Serenity Sunday 1-12-14


Oh serenity, I feel I have left you behind. You are so easily overlooked.

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Sometimes Serenity is just sitting in the field while the kids play and talking with another adult. A nice breeze, a sunny sky in short, serenity.

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Sometimes it is just knowing that my kid is comfortable enough to wear what she wants how she wants and when she wants, despite what others think.

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Sometimes Serenity is just in the everyday things. The flower in front of my house. Remembering to look up at the sky now and then. Appreciating the difference in the everyday that is brought by fog.

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Princess P brings me so much serenity, her tiny feet. God I love little feet. Her smile. Her faces. Even watching my husband interact with her. There it is. Serenity.. Even a bit of heartswelling for this amazing man I married.

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A lot of times Serenity is there in the little every day family things. The quiet moments in between the noise and the chaos.  The simple moments.

These are some of the things that brought you Serenity

Heather Hudall Sent in this awesome picture

heather hudnall hers

This is definitely a serenity moment!


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