I am tired of that excuse.


Well I am too. I am tired of saying it. I am tired of it being true. I am tired of giving it.

The faster you realize it is not an excuse the faster we can get past this. Maybe, Perhaps not so sure.

The very fact that you think it is an excuse, that is the problem right there.

It is not an excuse.

So I was able to do so much yesterday and today I am barely functioning, all you see is me being lazy. All you see is me laying down all the time, or sitting down every chance I get.  If only my muscles and nerves and joints could physically show how much I hurt, how hard I am struggling to function at all. Perhaps I have two really active days. What is really active to you is actually impossible for me. What is really active for me is a portion of the work normal people do in one day.

At one time I did a lot more in one day, true. That is not now.

Tomorrow I may be able to do more than I did today. That does not mean I was being lazy today.

You say you are tired of the excuse I don’t feel good. I am tired of not feeling good. I am tired of wanting to do things and my body refusing. I am tired of having to do a lot of activities from bed.


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