The importanance of medication changes


It is easy to get stuck in a rut. You know something isn’t working like it used to but you don’t know what so you keep on trudging through. The thought of stoping medication is enough to send me into a panic attack. Take some deep breaths, you can do this. I have been through several and though not fun and not always by choice, it was often for the better.

That being said, I am remembering how horrid Cymbalta is to come off of.  I swore when I got off it I would not go back on. It worked so well so I did. I felt I had to. I had to function somehow. What I did not realize was it was not just the cymbalta but the combination of medications I had been on. I did not go back on the others. It was easier to stay on the medication I knew then to go back off and try other medications. At the time I also was not really comfy with the psychiatrist who was prescribing. I had to feel very comfortable to explore different medications, to me this is a very intimate process. It requires me to be more open with the Doctor than I might normally be. I have to be prepared for that mentally as well.

Medication changes for people who are dependent on them is pretty important. There is a little thing called tolerance. Ideally we should be increasing and decreasing and changing up medications, tweaking them. Often though we just stay at the same dose the same medication until it is all not working.  By that time we are often in a flare. It does not really matter what the medication is for, chronic pain, mental health or chronic illness. We build up a tolerance to it.

It is exhausting. I mean EXHAUSTING to go through medication changes. Often we wait. It is not the right time. It is too hard. It will wait. The only thing waiting does is put off the inevitable. It makes it even harder on us. Then comes the frustration because no matter the medication, the change slows us down. There are some things we just can’t handle doing right now.

Then there are the situations we really need to avoid, the ones that are triggers. The ones that push our buttons. We go from fine to OMG GET AWAY FROM ME NOW. For me it tends to be the ones that say prescriptions are not the answer, I just need to do…….. try…… or my personal favorite turn to religion. I tend to not tell the people that are apt to turn to that about the medication changes I am going through.It is the only way I have of coping with that. It is still a work in progress.

I am not telling ANYONE to go off their medications. It is something that needs a doctor supervising. It is not something to attempt or do on your own.  I can not stress this enough.  Research the other medications that are out there, sure that is fine. It is ultimately up to the doctor to decide which ones and which combos are right for you.


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  1. Hi,

    I am a new mum and is dealing with pelvic pain due to medical negligence & also existing is 3 months old.i’m still getting the issue sort out but meanwhile i do not know how to go about living and dealing with a infant as all these came too sudden..currently i need to travel out in a wheelchair and on bad days i have to be on bed..having very terrible thoughts recently, do you think we can connect? Are you able to see my email in the comments box? Thanks


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