I want my dreams back


I know, I know, I know you are probably tired of hearing about medication changes.  It’s like top on my mind right now though.

I know I have mentioned it before but a good gage for me on my mental health is when my dreams are very science fiction. The stranger more alien the better. It is how I have always been. It took about three years in therapy before I discovered the link. A lot can be said for Cognitive Behavior Therapy in that respect.

Coming off cymbalta ,I knew my dreams would get weird and a lot of my anxiety would creep in. Knowing that on an intellectual level is completely different than knowing that on an emotional level. Completely and totally different. For some reason it’s something I still struggle with, remembering the difference.  Things I thought I had completely worked through pop back up in my dreams, making it even harder than normal to get out of bed. In the clear light of day when I am fully awake, I am okay with the choices I have made. Would someone please convey that to my dreams? Please!

The first hurdle seems to be conquered. My dreams are starting to get a little more science fiction a little more frequently. You see when you only sleep two to three hours at a time , at night you tend to have a lot of dreams. A lot. Less and less I am waking up in full anxiety attack. I even got a little paranoia creeping in. I always love when I get paranoid like that. NOT! I try to soothe myself with at least I recognize it. Sometimes it helps.

I can only hope that when I start the prozac next week that my dreams will continue to become more and  more normal, for me. I am really ready for some wormhole travel and meeting some new aliens, maybe even some time travel in the T.A.R.D.I.S. I would also take some supernatural dreams, you know some vampires and werewolves, maybe a few zombies.


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