A year in review 2013


How has an entire year flown by again? It seems at times to be crawling by and then it’s over. Facebook tried to do a 2013 in review. I was kind of disappointed. It was then that I realized that a lot of the things that meant the most to me, were not things I posted on Facebook.  They were not given lots and lots of likes, so Facebook deemed it not important. Just another reminder that social media does not give you the full picture. I have grown a lot as a blogger and as a mother and as a friend as well. This is just a review of some of the more personal things that may or may not have been conveyed in the blogs. It all goes so fast so most of this is just for me to have a record of it.

January brought some major changes. We were moving out of the house we had lived in for thirteen years. It was the house that I brought our daughter home from the hospital to. It was where we lived as newly weds. That house. That house had so much stuffed into it. In more ways than one. It took me a bit to realize it was after all just a house. What mattered was moving with us. We had pictures and we had our memories.  We had a new neighborhood to explore while walking the dogs, which was also new to us.

january 19      jan25

February was still full of so many adjustments while still continuing school routines and such. It really did fly by. So much so that I didn’t find many pictures of February. It does strike me though how much she has changed in the last year. I can see it looking back even if we don’t notice it day by day.


March had so much fun! Dying Easter eggs with friends. We were still exploring the neighborhood with walks. There was a no school day so the kid got to play with snickerdoodle as well. She said .” Finally she is big enough to play with.” apparently newborns were not much fun! Then of course we had the visit from the Easter Bunny.

march 20   maarch march2 march23

April was full of birthday parties, walks that were too big for us, and of course, PRINCESS P was born!  As long as my friends keep having their second and third kids, the kid will know what it is like to have a sibling, I can’t stay away from babies! Not to mention I had the honor of being there for her birth and experiencing a birth from the non-pushing side…and all the feelings that brought…plus the love for my friend and her new little daughter. We even saved a baby gopher tortoise from our dogs on one of those long walks. Taking walks has become a big part of our lives and sometimes we forget in our excitement that we still have to turn around and get back home.

april7  april

April1  april25 The kid seeing Princess P for the first time.april26  snicker

Snickerdoodle is so awesome she needs two pairs of sunglasses!

May oh May , my birth month. We started it off with a walk with the church youth religious group picking up litter. Then we finally got to see the baby woodpeckers that were right outside my window, I heard them LOOOONNGGG before I saw them! I had a great birthday with lots of Doctor Who stuff and even a snuggle with Princess P.

may18  may may16 may24

June was hot. I know , I know we live in Florida. However now we live in a trailer that does not have central air. Hot. Hot. Hot.  That did not really stop us though. The kid went on her first vacation with friends, without Mommy and Daddy. Then even more fun, was the goats at the end of the street had babies! More Kids! Haha! Then there was the trip to Disney world for the first time ever, for the kid. It was like the going for the first time for us as well. We also did it as a camping trip which was a first for us as well!

june 9th  july30 june3 june29 1043883_540021532712355_69541461_n 421874_540021582712350_1402887247_n 1004412_540206519360523_506802116_n 1012745_540031849377990_1649223815_n

July started off with a BANG… literally. Most families spend the fourth of July watching Fireworks. We spent it in the ER. Note to other kids: Jumping from the top bunk onto the trundle bed pulled out on the other bed, generally not a good idea. Thankfully though there was no broken bone. Just extremely bruised.  There was another Birthday party and this one gets mentioned because it is the birthday of ONE of the boys she is going to marry. We also got spoiled with a visit from my friend Christine.  Looking forward to a visit in 2014!

july 28th  july

july4 july13 july20 july26

August is a big month for us. The kid was born on August 1st and the husband on August 31. I live with the alpha and omega of August.  She may have turned eight but she is not too big for cheek squishing from Daddy. More goats babies were born and a baby calf too!  The kid got her ears pierced. Time with friends at the library and we were like teenagers as HANSON. We also started The Secret Garden, not sure we actually read it all. The more important thing was we were spending quality time and reading!

aug1 aug3 aug7 tiffaugust august12 august27 auh3

September brings 13 years of marriage. How did that happen?A  Feast day which we stole Princess P for! Dogs who decide they are NOT walking back from our walk.. Walking for weight-loss shenanigans with friends. Princess P and Snickerdoodle got a chance to meet in Target. Obviously we are bringing up these babies right, Target need we say more. My sister who lives in California came for a visit and we had all the cousins together all at once. The kid won a tackle box in a free raffle in a fishing tournament. Princess P and I came to an understanding that Naps are not optional with Auntie.

sep192013 sept14 Sept16 sept25 sept27 sept29 sept30 sept2312013 september25 september2513

In October it was all about getting ready for a Halloween party at Princess P’s house, getting the perfect costumes, and showing Snickerdoodle how to stack. It was finally in October that the light started to change. Things had a softer , warmer look to them. I enjoy the fall and winter so much and this is only one reason why.

oct4 oct5 oct31 october 26

In November we got to go to a wedding, I was not driving, I didn’t have the kid with me, Alcohol was MY FRIEND.  I rescued a cat who would have been a lost cause to most but is now thriving.  I also got to soak in the Mamalode Magazine library. We went to the library multiple times, one time we went for read with the dogs. Playgroud play dates with fancy water bottles and even some living vicariously through my friend as she breastfed Princess P. Of course there is still visits to see the goats and we must show them off to any visitors even though they are not our goats.

nov 10  ResizedImage_1384713749898 ResizedImage_1384713771795 unnamed (4) 1468532_607254589322382_1635449440_n unnamed (1) 1456759_607254199322421_1628971104_n unnamed (1) unnamed (4) 1451577_607347589313082_958906855_n unnamed (9)

How did December go so freaking fast? I had it all planned out then it was like a whirl wind and it is over already. December was filled with so much from doctors visits to medication changes to wonderful memories created.

1476210_615648735149634_1259289681_n 1474384_615649028482938_510464320_n 1455058_615648261816348_781239395_n 1452329_615648841816290_758086925_n 1098135_615769168470924_434967459_n 994988_615769131804261_658763261_n 1391917_615769105137597_1814313414_n

In the end I am very content with progress made this year both physically, emotionally,spiritual  and even socially!

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