Being who I am


I realized the other day that I had yet again, lost more friends of Facebook. Now I know what you are thinking, Its Facebook get over it, you probably haven’t even met them in real life. This is true. Most of the people I had never met. It does not however negate their friendship to me. I am not talking about the ones that friend you because you are in the same “group” as them and never talk to you.

The funny thing is I didn’t loose friends until I decided about a year ago I was tired of hiding. I was putting it out there. All of it. Exactly how I felt. Either in status updates or sharing other posts that resonate with me. I have a friend that is like that and I really value her friendship. She is gonna give it to me real but with love as well. I really admired that and decided that was how I was going to be.I have been growing a lot in the past year to two years , spiritually and intellectually. I actually think in the last year I have made more progress than the four and half years in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.I decided to put my foot down that this was my wall and I was posting things that mattered to me, If you were offended that was your problem. Some people I was not surprised to see go. Some I was shocked. Some I felt we had talked so often and about so many things that I needed an explanation as to why.  I needed to understand why.

If we all sat down and really examined why we are offended….judgement would be high up there. It goes against what you believe to be true, so it is wrong. I won’t say I wasn’t right there in the past. I am trying really hard though to leave that behind. To keep my mind open. To not hide who I am. I decided that for me I am mostly comfortable with putting it out there, open and honest. If something offends me, I need to examine why. If a friend posts something that I don’t agree with I either shrug it off or bring it up in our next discussion and we talk about it. It doesn’t matter if they are in real life friends or facebook friends. It matters not. If it is something that is a trigger of some sort for you, I want to know that. It maybe they tell me what is bothering them or spurred the decision and I just shrug my shoulders and keep being me. My response may not necessarily mean I will change anything, but I would listen. I do listen.

If your answer is to unfriend, that is your choice. It is not going to stop me from being me. In the end I guess what I am feeling about all this is disappointment.

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  1. Even though it is “just Facebook,” it is hard not to be hurt when someone unfriends you! I hardly ever unfriend people. If their posts bother me that much, I just tend to skip over them. I would still want to be “friends” with people, even if I don’t agree with every single thing they post!


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