Shoving off the negativity


This last week of 2013 I have dedicated to sloughing off stuff that I have stubbornly held on to. A good portion of that stuff is negative.

One of my favorite guided meditations says let go of the things that do not help me. Let go. Sometimes I just repeat that over and over in my head. Sometimes I visualize letting go of the word negativity. Sometimes I think of specific things that have been bothering me. It is either a feeling of too much negativity, or it is something specific that I need to analyze and let go.It could be a feeling or a way I react to a situation.

I like visualizing golden light or white healing light the best though. I visualize it burning out the negativity and replacing it with warm happy thoughts. This one is normally the most effective for me. If I am really struggling I go outside earbuds in, and sit on the ground. Rest my hands on the ground.Even in the dark. Often these are just five minutes or so. It is truthfully the longest I can sit on the ground like that without hurting. Plus the longer I sit there, the harder it is to get back up.

I found meditation to be the best way for me to leave negativity behind. It helps me in so many ways. I found the more I practice the more I can take advantage of little snippets during the day.

It took me many attempts to get into meditation. It took many times of starting one and trying it out, only to be frustrated and give up. It took reading about meditation. It took analyzing exactly what I was looking for in meditation. Still even after that it took more trying out different meditations. Finding what voice , what music worked for me. It was a process.

Still sometimes the best meditations are ones I do without even trying, like when I am out taking a walk.Not focusing on anything in particular. Taking every second as it comes. Enjoying the beauty around me. Getting lost in the wonder of the Forrest.

My natural first reaction to anything is to complain. I hate that. I really do. However I have learned that if I try to squash it I feel worse. Instead I embrace it and then say okay now lets find something good in this. I have also started changing the wording I use when I am complaining. You would think that would not be a big thing but it is. It not only makes a difference to me but , also the people around me who hear it. Instead of grumpily saying ” I wanted it to be like this this and this.”  I can say ” It would be nice if it had this but, this is a different approach and maybe I will like it better.”

As it is at least twice a month minimum my meditations are on cleansing the negativity from me.  I don’t plan them out. I go with how I am feeling. When I need to clean the negativity I know. I know without a doubt.  Make it part of your bedtime routine. Whether you are asleep at the end of it or not doesn’t matter. However you would be surprised how many times you will fall asleep during it.

The world likes to shove negative things at us. Over and over and over. Shoving it off of you is therefore something you have to also do over and over.  Taking small steps each day towards the goal of wrapping positive things around you. It is not easy. It is however yet another thing that is deemed worth it.

Here are some of my favorite meditations remember, they may not work for you. They may all work for you, or only some. Find what resonates with you. If you find yourself getting frustrated with this process, try chants.

This site gave me some of the best meditation advice, When I am struggling to find the right one I go back here… :

1.  Mind Silence-remove negative blocks –

2.  All chakras- meditation balancing and tuning

3. Vital Energy: Meditation Music for Depression, Anxiety and Chakra


4. Full Chakra Healing Meditation ★ Binaural Beats


5. Extremely Powerful Pure Clean Positive Energy – Raise Vibration –

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  1. Have you looked into Mindful Meditation? I’m not sure if it’s similar to what you’re doing or not. But with Mindful Meditation, you start with 2 minutes a day for a week and add a minute a week. The idea is that you can’t ever fully clear your head of thought. You’re bound to get an itch, hear a noise or get a thought that pops into your head. What Mindful teaches is to recognize that thought that comes into your head as it comes and then refocus that thought somewhere else and go back to your breathing. (This is a really poor description, I’m sure there’s better info on the web). The goal is, when things like anxiety, troubling thoughts come into your life in life, through mindful meditation, you’ve trained yourself to a) recognize that thought and b) push it away as soon as it comes to you. I’ve been doing it for several years now and it helps. Granted, in big time panic, sadness, anger issues it’s a bit more difficult to get rid of the thought. However, surprisingly, I’m also better equipped to handle those situations.

    It’s also said that it’s been known to increase the folds in your brain, which means an increase in ability for knowledge. They did a study of Buddhist monks who have been doing mindful meditation for years and their brains were significantly different than those who had not been doing the exercise. (Whether the validity of that fact is accurate or not, I’m not sure, but wouldn’t that be cool if it makes you smarter, too! Although, I don’t know if I feel smarter, but then again, I’m taking a ton of meds and then there’s the fibro fog.)

    Anyway, thought I’d share!


  2. Cool! Wasn’t sure. Had a bad fibro day and between not much sleep, meds and grieving my grandmother, my head has been mushy.

    Glad it’s working for someone else, too 🙂


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