The realities of medication changes


I hate going through med changes….not only do you have either slight withdrawal feelings but its almost like I can feel my brain. Chemistry changing and not for the better…

I tend to feel like lucky in the 101 Dalmatians when they were walking in the snow…my tail is cold my belly is cold my toes are cold my nose is cold my ears are cold my toes are cold…instead mine would be bed was nice and warm I don’t want to get up I want to sleep I want to avoid people people suck I hate people I am going to a deserted island far away from everyone. I just want happy but I can’t have happy because my brain chemicals are off but I want happy.

Then because cymbalta was also helping with muscle aches those are steadily getting worse and worse. Making me not want to move even more,if I don’t move my.muscles don’t scream but if I don’t move my joints hurt and get stiff and start yelling.

It takes me longer to get into a meditative state. It takes longer to reach that time of peace and tranquillity.

During a med change I feel like I am clinging more and more to copies g techniques. Not unlike the death grip a toddler gets on his pacifier when someone tries to take it away. I know its not helping my coping to cling like that….but I can’t seem to stop.

I just want to feel normal again. I just want my coping techniques to bring me peace again.

This was probably not the best time of year to go through a medication change…sometimes though we can not choose when it needs to happen.


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