If I had ten minutes inside Target


I read a status from When crazy meets exhaustion(http://whencrazymeetsexhaustion.com/). We both have this problem that Target just sucks us right in. It’s like a vortex. No matter how hard I try I spend too much money there. It is almost like the more I try NOT to spend too much money the greater the vortex hold is.

She wanted ten minutes with a Super Market Sweep type idea. What ever is in your cart after ten minutes it is yours.

Found on peasinablog.com

Found on peasinablog.com

This got me thinking. Well I was trying desperately not to pay attention to the insanity that my day had been brewing.

I decided food was out. I was good with the knowledge that food would go quickly in the house and my hard work filing the cart would be for naught.

No, I want toilet paper, paper towels, sponges, cleaning sprays, TAMPONS, trash bags, Dish soap, q-tips and other various things that before you even know it , you are out of. OF course I also want them to include a shed out back with shelves so I can store everything in a super organized fashion.

Once I got that stuff, my next thing to hit is the wine bottles. HELLO?!? Mommy sippy cups!

Then probably dog food and cat food and cat litter. It is really annoying that they can not just drink a glass of milk or use the toilet. Then they would probably need toilet paper too…

IF there was any time left, its the hair isle I would be heading too…. Hair ties, headbands, hair brushes, picks, and maybe even some Shampoo and conditioner to stalk up. Oh heck look while we are there we should just grab some body wash too.

Until When crazy meets exhaustion and I can negotiate reasonable terms with Target and it’s vortex. This is what I want. This will tide me over and I wouldn’t mind so much spending more money than planned.


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