Surviving insanity


I am not really sure what made me think so much so close together was a good idea. We won’t even mention what happened and what went wrong in the hour before we left the house. Shhhhh..

We started our morning by showing up at a church give away event. It started at nine.. I was really hoping to get in a little early so I could get everything in. When I said it was going to be back to back I really meant on top of each other.  As I type this I am still not sure how it all worked so nicely.

The getting in a little early was good. My social anxiety by the sheer amount of people that came in when they opened the doors….was insane.  Actually the sudden need to LEAVE LEAVE NOW GET OUT was probably why we made everything else on time.


So next was breakfast with Santa. Pancakes, donuts, oj, and most important Coffee. I can walk and walk and walk. I can not stand in lines. It makes my pain levels sky rocket. My hips beg for mercy with in minutes. Soon my lower back is on fire. I don’t do standing well. So 45 minutes in a line. For the big guy in a red suit.



We passed time taking pictures. Being silly.



But it was worth it. She was happy. We got lots of good pictures. We had time to talk. To everyone . To anyone who passed by us. Oh wait that was not me. That was her.

All kidding aside it was worth the line.

Then off to sing carols.  I was fried . I was done. There better be sitting involved.

This was a thirty minute event. I surprisingly didn’t take many pictures here.  Just a quick photo op. that I snuck in on the way back to the car. We even saw a second Santa here!



We had time left and so we went over to the library for their christmas party. Besides my Princess P was there and I could really use some baby snuggles.



Then I got this shot… and I am really glad we went.



Then there was also this shot… So stinking cute.  Yes, we saw a third santa there too.

So we ran and ran and ran and ran all morning.

I survived. So I crashed when we got home.  Lots of good stuff happened in the morning. The mommy guilt was not too bad about staying in bed the afternoon. The kid had lots of things to pour over from our buzy morning.

Sometimes its hard for mothers with chronic illnesses to keep in mind its quality over quantity. Sometimes four really active and happy and giggly hours is better than all day.  Not to mention that despite a certain eight year old’s opinion that she is the energizer bunny is a little off.  She really does still need some down time.

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  1. It sounds like your daughter had a perfectly splendid day and you have photographic “evidence” of it for her to look back on. Well done!


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