Free to a good home


I really couldn’t seem to write anything serious today.

So I decided to write about what I am dealing with today.

It should come as no surprise. It happens every month. I have even had some clues it was coming.

I took my birth control this morning and it was like . “Oh that makes so much sense now!”

I am getting really close to period pills. It was easier for it to catch me by surprise the two months I wasn’t on Birth control. It is easier to remember when you take the birth control pill every day but there have been times that even then I am still caught by surprise..


When you also have OCD/ADD mental health issues PMS becomes a very interesting, very interesting indeed.




Its not that I wouldn’t love to have another baby or two. I would, but I can’t.  Medical issues and financial issues being what they are.

Technically the uterus works. It was pretty irritated and required bedrest but the end result was a happy healthy baby girl so it works.

I keep trying to offer it free to a good home. Like every chance I get. My doctor told me at this point it would be elective. I ELECT then. But I don’t quite want to pay 1500 dollars for that soooo….huge dramatic sigh.

If I saw a sign like this ……. I would drop everything and run screaming. ITS YOURS!




And for extra fun that uterus in that picture up there. You can buy one at

PMS sucks each month more so now that we are not trying to get pregnant or anything. Its like a useless thing to me.. All it does it cause trouble.

So there it is… In a few days because it wasn’t being used this is what will be happening.






But even more fun is what comes before that .  You know the head spinning with projectile green vomit while saying I am not angry. Not angry at all.  Its all you guys not me that has the problem.  When you add the manic eating with IBS it becomes even more fun. Also the boobs that get super sore and sensitive and  when you already have skin sensitivities with fibromyalgia wearing a bra can turn into a form of self torture.





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  1. Just to cheer you up, after it no longer works, the mood swings are REALLY unpredictable, coupled with hot flashes and we call it menopause! Such fun for us!! : )


  2. Oh my gosh, I can so relate to this! Have you considered an IUD instead? I cannot tolerate the hormones in the BCPs so they are recommending an IUD for me to control bleeding. With only one ovary and a tied tube I don’t need birth control.


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