But it’s Black Friday


Me and my big mouth.

I had to say that I was going to look for the Christmas dress early this year.



Every year we get a Christmas dress.(and an Easter dress) .

I tried to get good pictures of her in her dress in front of the tree.



Sometimes it worked.

Overtime though I have found that if I get at least one good picture I am doing good, if it happens to be in front of the tree…so much the better.

563957_463214520393057_458585493_n DSCI1649


I have however figured out that I need to get it as close to December 1st as possible. As it increases the chances of a good picture, or the time to go take good pictures

320512_453678611346648_1965538486_n 377805_283676801680164_951322796_n


Maybe we can also have some fun with taking some glamour shots this year too.

381433_279816018732909_174306185_n 395815_283676781680166_1661381046_n

These are just two of the pictures. I took 46 that year. I have learned more about camera phones, more about cameras in general and think maybe this year I might get some really good shots.

But first we have to find the dress.

This is actually the one time (okay at Easter too) that I typically don’t let her pick out the dress. This is one time I normally put down my foot and pick the one I want.

I have taken her in the past. That was however when it was easier to convince her to see my point of view.

Now she has her own “fashion sense” .

I know that there is a day coming where she will refuse to wear something I picked out.

So I opened my mouth and said I wanted to get the dress this coming week.  If I get it this week or maybe  even next week I won’t mind spending thirty dollars on it as she will wear it through at least February or longer if I am lucky. Any later than that the price I am willing to pay will go down. Because lets face it …She will probably want to wear it everywhere and climb trees in it and probably roll in the mud too.

Now its all I am going to hear until I get THE DRESS.

Then it will be I want to wear it EVERYWHERE.

You would think after so long I would learn not to open my big mouth.



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