If you thought it was one and done you were wrong.


So a few months ago….

we did this…. Go read it … I will wait…https://chronicallysickmanicmother.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/depressedbutdressed/

It was collaborated with  It’s not my workout. The hardest part about depression is getting out of bed and getting dressed.  It doesn’t have to be a glamour shot , it doesn’t have to be your best selfie ever.  It is hard at first I know. I struggled with that too. Now its not so hard. It takes thirty days for something to become a habit. I still forget so if you miss a day or two or three its not a big deal we understand. We get it. Just start up again.


Well guess what…We are still using that Hashtag.  The stigma still exists. So we are still getting the word out.

The fun part is…She doesn’t even know I am blogging about it again today!!! Its a surprise! Shhhhhh!

This is the new news about it… It is really quite exciting.

It’s Not My Workout

I’m excited. Now, when you post your #DepressedButDressed pics on Instagram, you appear on my Facebook page, and directly on my blog!! I get to show you off and you get to inspire others!
People with depression, like me, have a hard time with the not so simple act, of getting dressed. It could change your day and mine, so this hashtag is a fun little motivator to GET DRESSED. You don’t have to look stellar, you just have to be dressed in case there is an emergency situation or an unexpected visitor drops in. I have 178 pics so far. Will you join in? Go to Instagram, take a snapshot of yourself and add #DepressedButDressed. See you there AND here 

so here is that link



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