Update on cat rescued on my walk



Enya is doing very well. She is progressing very nicely. It may look worse to you now that her hair is falling out. That is from the Mange. The actual insects that cause it are dead and as a result her hair is falling out. It will grow back. She is pretty much eating and sleeping.

This rescue has been a multiperson act.

Ms. Deborah Whitham is caring for her in a foster care role. She is an amazing woman who also runs Shamrock Preschool. I met her when my daughter went there.(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shamrock-Preschool/154811004555108). Enya got her first immediate care by the Venice Cat Coalition. Who states had she not been rescued when she was that with the coyotes and inclement weather she would not have lasted another two weeks.(http://www.venicecatcoalition.com/). People often mistake the thought that if you rescue the cat or animal you have to provide the care. This is simply not true. There are people out there and places that will help. I may have rescued her but I in no way could take care of her. I was lucky to know some of these amazing people who took up where I could not.

Ms. Deborah had some credit at Jacaranda Animal Hospital and has taken Enya to see Dr. Reinhart there. (http://www.jacarandaanimalhospital.com/). She tested negative for Feline Leukemia. She has a daily dry mouse like shampoo to use daily to help her hair and skin recover. Her eyes are looking much better. She can at least open them now and they are looking clearer and clearer.


Ms. Deborah reports that she started Meowing Friday and Sunday morning she was very saucy in telling her that her wet food bowl was empty with a very plaintive Meow. As a cat owner that makes me so happy to hear. When cats are comfortable to demand food that is a great sign.


This is not a great picture of her but it does show how the hair and scabs are just falling off. It is a good sign even though it may not appear to be. She will need some animal sweaters to help keep her warm as her hair is falling out. You can contact either Shamrock Preschool or Jacaranda Animal Hospital if you would like to help.
If you recognize her or suspect you know who she is please pass the word along. She is super sweet and behaves like a well taken care of cat.  Someone somewhere is missing her.


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