Serenity Sunday


A collection of pictures I have taken over the past week that bring serenity and peace to my heart.

482440_605972556117252_829810847_n 1379628_605973139450527_418739368_n 1424308_605973199450521_1217736707_n 1454741_605972259450615_817967428_n 1471931_605973266117181_662579777_n


Walks with my kid.


993461_604298009618040_1711256270_n 1453276_604297742951400_1533566483_n 1460276_604297546284753_745463609_n 1461710_565852716803483_2101241908_n




1441492_604323176282190_365492760_n ResizedImage_1384476551722



1465320_10201832186598495_1492560160_n 1470090_603882246326283_2073815491_n ResizedImage_1384476576096


Princess P….The first picture her mom took and it is just so beautiful. Someone reported it so they loose twice because I am posting it here too.



A date night with my hubby.


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