How a walk saved a life


I had some time to kill. So I went to a park I had not gone to in awhile. It was a grey morning and I wanted to see how the light would hit the water on the intercoastal waterway.

I completed my walk and was thinking. I am not quite ready to leave. I kinda glanced at this demonstration garden that features Florida friendly and mostly native plants. I was going to go. I decided to take a walk through and then go. I am not sure what made me decide that. Snickerdoodle was back home and waiting. I had not gotten far when shivering between a box garden wall and a sign post was a kitty. She was really pitiful looking. She obviously had some kind of mange or fungus growing. She was skin and bones. I could see her skin in places. She could not even open her eyes at me. I started crying. How could someone do this to a cat? I held my hand out cautiously to her. She sniffed it and shivered some more. I looked around. There was a county vehicle in the parking lot and running. He did walk with me back to her but said ” oh just leave her. Animal control will be along shortly.”

I looked at her. I couldn’t do it. She was so sad looking and then she got up and tried to brush against my pants. I took the sweater off and draped it over her and picked her up. She tried to squeak a little bit. I tried to figure out how to set her on the seat with out the mange getting on my seats too…I gave up and just held her in one hand and drove with the other. She peeked her head out and looked around a bit then tucked up inside the sweater and was content. The poor thing had to be chilled to the bone. It was 53-55 degrees out with a decent wind blowing.

I tried to wrack my brain for who was open and who I could take her to. I knew animal control would just euthanize her right away.

1426200_604279212953253_1214818359_nA friend of mine worked near by and I knew she was involved in a no kill shelter and worked part time at a veterinarians office. So we took her into the kitchen and got her some water and a can of cat food. Which she proceeded to snarf down.

So I left this kitty in her care.

I could not get this kitty out of my head. She just exuded sweetness.I didn’t just think about her one or two time. Every time I turned around I was thinking about her.

So after babysitting I called to check on her. She was doing fine. She was very sweet and had scarfed down five cans of food and kept it all down. She had mange and they were treating her for that. They think she has been out on the streets for several months. They named her Anya. We could all tell once she was back to health and had some fur back she was beautiful. She looks now to be a tortoise shell coloring, medium to long hair. She was so skin and bones that after the first shot for mange they tried to give her a b12 shot and distemper but the needle went right through to the other side. She was that skinny. It was hard to get a pinch of anything but skin.

Venice Cat Coalition has taken her in and started her care. We suspect she belongs to someone in the Venice area. She was found in Shamrock park. If you know someone who lost a cat that looks like her in that area please let them know about her. If you can spare a few dollars to help the Venice Cat Coalition out with her care, I have included their link. I have three rescued cats and both our dogs are rescues plus we have my brother in laws dog here as we live with him. We can’t take anymore animals in, we can however save them when we see them.

If I had not decided to take that walk today I would have never found her. How she survived last night with the temps I do not know. We have also been having a high influx of coyotes and she probably would not have lasted more than a week, two at the most. By taking ten minutes for myself today I also saved a life.


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  1. Not only did a walk save a life, but your kind heart did! I thought immediately to my late cat Emily who was found in a garbage can at a few days old! A co-worker convinced me I needed to take her home she couldn’t have anymore and she would be put to sleep etc. Well, I had her for 14 years and I adored her. She helped me through so much and comforted my sick hubby, and my soul when he passed. Hope your kitty gets a great home.


  2. Serendipity .. and love … such a wonderful thing to save a tiny soul as hers !!! I hope they find either her GOOD owner .. or .. a new home for her. Anya is a pretty name too !!!


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