More insight from our walks


If we had turned back when they originally wanted…our walk would have been over before it began.

Because even though I said “Watch out there are ants here.”

one of the three inevitably stood in the pile.  A few feet down the way. A sandspur.

“Can we go back now?” started a few feet later.


It was not horribly rough but it was overgrown and I promised them once they got passed this first tiny bit of the trail the rest of the trail was pretty easy and gasp EVEN FUN!

Its nice to some times have that person in our lives who won’t let us quit. Who says no I promise keep going the best is just around the corner. Someone who is not just cheerleading but has a calm firm and confident voice of experience.

Some of us are lucky that we have had that our whole lives.Some of us are just finding it. Sometimes we have pushed that person away and either are trying to repair that bridge or find another person.


Not to say that cheerleaders are not needed. They are. It really takes both types. The cheerleader who believes you can do it even when you don’t believe it yourself and the one who is confident you will make it. These are the people that when you are feeling low help you and when you are feeling good and you have conquered a major accomplishment rejoice with you.

The funny thing is we often play these roles for other people just as they play them for us. Its something that binds us together. Most of the time we do it without even realizing it.

I watched as the three girls encouraged each other along the trail , made sure every one got to see what new wonder they discovered and waited for each other when one fell behind.  Not once did they complain someone was too slow. Not once did they put down someones discovery. If it was not particularly interesting to them they moved on and did not say much.



When we got to the end of the trail they were slightly disappointed so I led them over to this bench I found the first time I walked this trail. Suddenly they were renewed and played around it and touched it lovingly but not once did they sit on it. When I came across it the first time I too could not sit on it. I don’t think I even touched it. Part of the joy for me was sharing this with them. To see it through there eyes. We all agreed it felt pretty magical and it did not feel like a bench. They are not familar with the word Alter but it is the best word I have to describe it.

The way back was full of chatter and happy racing ahead and waiting. They knew the rougher part was ahead but with each other for support and knowing they did it before. Not one complaint was heard.

Then it was as if nature was rewarding us, we saw a snapper turtle swim by on the very last bit of the trail.


I tried to remind the girls that if we had turned back when they wanted think of all the fun we would have missed. I hope it sinks in a bit but they were pretty happy and giggly and I am not too sure how much they heard. That is okay though, I will be here for them.


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