When the puppy squeaks


Yesterdays blog post took a lot out of me mentally and emotionally, more than I realized, not saying it shouldn’t, but, I decided to do short and cute today. (and apparently very large run on sentences too)


Its hard to believe its been eight years since this picture was taken.


However The kid is loving having the boys as siblings…I can let her go out back and play as long as they are with her no one will touch her.

You see way back when she was this small.


If she so much as whimpered they were right there. If we let them out back to go potty. They checked on her first. THEN they would go outside. The first thing upon coming back in from out back…


check the puppy.

As she has gotten older, I have caught the tired parent eyes coming from them when they come back inside from being outside with her.

They love her though and often spend the night in her room right in front of the door.


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