We give thanks for freedom


Today is Veteran’s Day , a day we stop and think and thank a Veteran of a war that gave us the freedoms we DO have. Ones that sometimes in our First World minds seem like not such a big deal.


(Jenni Sent- My Dad and Mom with my son.)

Facebook is full of  both Republicans and Democrats criticizing the government.  Do these people realize that just being able to post that kind of stuff on Facebook is a freedom that they have. One that others do not have. One that others if they did so could be killed. Their family killed as well.

Facebook has all sides of religion on it. There is no state chosen religion. We have the right to believe what we want to believe. Its a FREEDOM that we have not earned but was fought for us.

Facebook its self is a right that we have. The right to free speech. People died to give us this right.


(Cece sent in this one of her Mom and Dad)

The right to bear arms, whether you agree with it or not, was a right that was fought and paid for by the blood of others.

The right to own private property….The right to not house soldiers in your home when you don’t want to….The right to JUSTICE itself was fought for. Some fought with every breath they had.


(A good friend of mine, James Watkins, Received 2 Purple Hearts. He was wounded in Vietnam twice and won many other awards. He promised God if he got him out of that hole he would devote his life to him. He has been a preacher since 1972)

Some of those brave men and women went above the call of duty. Not only were they fighting for our freedoms but they also did their best to show compassion, bravery, and common decency even if it was towards the enemy.


(Ashley sent- My husband E5 Sargent Daniel Craft)

Some left loved ones behind this is not something that happened in years past. This is something that still happens every day. These people  believe in these rights and make daily sacrifices for these rights.


(My nephew , Cameron Craft in  Daniel Crafts uniform)

Its not always with their lives. Sometimes its sacrificing time and memories that they can’t get back. Time and memories they were not there for. True now there is technology but births via skype or recordings or pictures. They were not there in person.


(Ashley sent- E5 Sargent -Daniel Craft. Marine, Currently deployed)

I know the rights and freedoms may not be the same for the other countries that fought and still do fight. I do know though that their sacrifice is just as great. Just as big and just as hard.



(Marines carrying the flag in Fourth of July parade , Temecula CA)

We give you Honor. We give you Thanks.


(Kari sent- My brother in law, Patrick.)

We can’t thank you enough.


(Kari sent- my brother William and my daughter)

We are humbled by your sacrifice.


(Mattie sent-That’s my Pa. He served in the Navy before meeting his beautiful wife, Granny and going on to have seven children, twenty-one grandchildren, and we have lost count of the great grandchildren… Sadly, he passed away when I was in the seventh grade. One of the greatest men I have ever known.)

We are safe because you fight. Whether it was for your country or not did not matter. Injustice was being done and that was all that mattered.


(Susan Miller sent this-Clifford Allen – was my mum’s oldest brother – the uncle I never got to meet. He flew for his country with the RAF, married and died just six weeks later when his plane crashed on 3rd September 1945. He was just 20 yrs old. Armistice Day is for men [and women] like this … and their families. God Bless you all …)

We are able to feel safe because you serve without regard to your own needs and desires.


(Stacia sent- SSG Jobie Langston and our daughter)

Some gave everything they had.


(Amber sent- my grandfather, Ron Roylance. He is my father’s stepfather but was the only grandfather I really knew and was close to. He served in the Navy during the Korean war.  He passed away this past January.  He is pictured with my niece, Ashlee.)

We are proud of you.


(Amber sent- my father, Bryant. He also served in the navy but never saw any combat.  He is pictured with my sister, Heather.)

We support you.


(Amber sent-aternal grandfather, Nyle Davis’, footstone. He served in the Army during the Korean War.  He passed away 20 years ago this coming New Years Eve.)

We are the home of the BRAVE.  Our Freedom is all the more special because of your sacrifice!

THANK YOU just doesn’t seem enough.

We will not forget! We will not forget! We will not forget!


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  1. Thank you ……. what can I say but thanks .. to you .. and all of them. [Look like Nyle Davis shared my granddaughter’s birthday (she will be 5 this year!) and … our wedding anniversary. Or .. we share his birthday would be more correct .. We married in 1977.]


  2. It was one of the best blogs I’ve seen this Veterans Day. Unless you are closely connected to a military family, you really don’t realize the sacrifices the families make for our freedom.


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