A word about littering…..from my daughter


This morning we walked to school. It was a gorgeous morning for it. Perfect temperature and even a light breeze.

About halfway there she says:
” Do you know why I am hanging my head down?”

To be truthful I had not really noticed that she was doing it on purpose. Somehow I did not think her thoughts were on all the acorn tops and how I will never look at them the same after seeing the movie Epic.

“No, Why?” I said, asked.

” Because I see all this litter and I am the Nature Queen and my power comes from the Earth and the Earth is hurt by all this litter and it hurts my power.

People just think. Oh I have this trash and there is not a trash can so I will just throw it on the ground it doesn’t matter. But it does matter. It matters to me. To the Earth too. If it matters to the Earth then it matters to me to. They are just rude people who are not thinking of anyone but themselves.

I am the Nature Queen so I care about these things. Anything that hurts the Earth hurts me.”


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