It is much easier for me to be grateful in November. I love November weather. I love the change in light, the change in temps, the changes all around.

The only thing is when it rains. Its so much harder to be grateful when it rains. I like the sound of rain . I like the way the atmosphere snaps and crackles and shakes in a thunderstorm. My joints however do not.

How to remain grateful when standing exerts so much pressure on your joints that even walking hurts?  I am thankful that I have an awesome Brother in law who loves my daughter and easily entertains her. I am thankful I have a bed to lay in to give my joints the rest they need. I am thankful that I have at least one cat that knows when I feel horrid and cuddles with me. I am thankful I have a laptop to connect to others who have chronic illnesses. I am thankful I have cable and can watch tv. I am thankful I have a good book to read. I am thankful I have a phone and can play around on Instagram with it.

Several years ago though I probably would have been singing a different tune.

It would have been full of self pity. Full of grumbling. Full of complaining. I could tell you every detail about why I am miserable.

Gratitude is a choice.

It has been a long slow road to living a grateful life.

Very slow.

I still don’t feel that I am there yet. I have lots of room for improvement.

I have been slowly weeding out the people that are constantly gloomy, complainers and grumblers.  Some days that is all we can do. That’s okay. However we need to balance it out as well. Even those who say through laughter and comedy that they only grumble. If you can laugh you can’t be that grumbley.  If you can appreciate comedy and even sarcasm you are not going to always be Eeyore.

It is easier now to be grateful because I also have wrapped people who encourage and support me tight around me. When I am being encouraged and supported I can reach out and do the same to others.

It is not a decision anyone else can make. It is your choice. Its your decision to say I am not going to wallow. Well at least not for very long. I am going to LIVE.

Searching for gratitude


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