Grateful no matter what


How does one remember to always be grateful for what they DO have?

How does one not let the problems make it seem like we have nothing at all?

How does one feel grateful that they are alive when you wake up morning after morning feeling like someone steamrolled you?

How does one feel grateful when it takes tremendous strength to keep functioning day after day?

It starts very very small. Very small.

Starting out searching daily for things to be grateful. Little things. Sometimes even things that don’t seem like much.

Sometimes it takes talking to yourself. Saying things out loud.

I am grateful for a car that has gas. I am grateful for food in the fridge. I am grateful that I have AC.

Sometimes your brain needs to hear it out loud over and over before you can begin to accept it.

Sometimes it helps to have a small goal to reach every day. Start small with finding something to be grateful for.

A friend who text/calls/emails at just the right time, the warmth of the sun, a silly antic by the cat. Whatever it is. Search for it.

Sometimes we have to search out the things to be grateful for.

I promise you though it will help in so many ways to practice being grateful for what you do have.

Research is proving this true more and more.

It took me many months to get in this habit. I won’t lie and say I don’t have my days that everything just sucks and grateful is far from my mind.

It’s not being unaware of the issues, its being happy with what you do have. NOT being satisfied with what you have.  Being grateful doesn’t mean you don’t want more.

I WANT MORE. However I am willing to appreciate what I do have while still wanting more.

It doesn’t mean that I am unaware of the reality of our situations. It means that I am not going to give the power to the situation. Situations can bring us down. Really down. If we let them. If we focus on what is going wrong…….we see only the wrong. Its hard to see that some situations are teaching us a lesson. Maybe even a lesson we feel we already learned. Sometimes all it takes to make the situation more  dealable is positive thinking. Being grateful is a good start.

So start small. Start now. Take November and think of one thing daily to be grateful for.


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  1. Amen. Being grateful makes one eager to start the day and bring sunshine to others. It’s not always sunny everyday but you can help make things seem lighter when you focus on the good things and be thankful no matter how small they are.


  2. I always try to think of 5 things I am grateful for in my evening prayers, and I try not to be as simple as “my dishwasher” (although I am TRULY Thankful for it, I would like it to be a little more meaningful). It’s amazing how gratitude changes your own perspective. Good entry.


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