A reflection on Trick or treating


Last year I did not feel up to walking and accompanying the kids trick or treating. So my friend and I stayed home and the dads took the kids. It was nice cozy to sit at home with a book and tea and pass out candy as needed..I may have slipped on Facebook a few times then too.


I debated all day pretty much about whether I was going to stay home and read , pass out candy or go trick or treating. Both were very appealing options to me.

The sparkle in my daughters eye at going trick or treating. The almost bubbling over excitement she exudes.

So I ended up going. It was going to be my walking requirement for the day. It was more because I was tired enough that I thought if I didn’t walk, I would fall asleep.

So I walked. I turned on my pedometer app and of course because I was doing that and taking pictures my phone died. It was fine…by that time we had plenty of pictures.

There were a lot of really cute moments.


Some of the pictures came out a bit scarrier than they actually were because HELLO WE CAN’T POSSIBLY STAND STILL FOR ONE SECOND!


The girls were really good at waiting to let me catch up.


In the end my phone died and my pedometer didn’t save any of my walk.  However my daughter had an awesome time and sometimes that is worth waking up the next day with every joint hurting and muscles screaming when you move. Besides there is candy near by now. Soon she will be embarrassed to go trick or treating with Mom and Dad. So I am savoring every second that I can. We have already started talking about what to be next year.


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  1. I do admire your tenacity and love of your family. My kids are grown and we are into the next phase: grandkids! My Halloween pictures turned out similar because a 14 month does not keep still for very long either!! But oh my, they are precious and I am so thankful to be here and able to participate in his life!


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