The hilarity of feast days



We talk about it a lot. Mattie and I have feast days, normally once a week, we get together for lunch.

There are few things that can instantly make my day. Getting a text, shall we feast today?

The first thing you need to know is, you must ride in Mattie’s car to get to feast day. It is just not the same if you don’t.

Ridding in Mattie’s car is a lot like this…….


can also be like this……


But mostly its the first one. Which just has me in peals of laughter. I am the only driver in my family.  I don’t get much time in the passenger seat. I think this stuff, but I have an eight year old and I tend to watch my mouth after she has repeated some things at school. This also leads Mattie to be laughing as well. We are typically in a better mood by the time we get to Panera Bread. 

See we did start out feast day with going to different places. Then it was like:


We both like Panera Bread and for the most part it likes us. As two people with IBS that is a big consideration.

So now the hardest decision of Feast day is whether we are having a pastry or not.

Since we both run the Chronically Sick Manic Mother FB page and we text at least daily, what in the world could we ever talk about?

It might be easier if we said what we don’t talk about…….no…wait…there really isn’t anything we don’t talk about.

We typically don’t talk about serious stuff…Or if we do we totally make fun of it and poke it with a stick.

We are freaking hilarious at feast day. One day we really will walk into Panera Bread in viking hats with vanilla beans stuck up our nose. Viking hats for feasting and vanilla beans because we heard they decrease your appetite and we want to loose weight.

We talk about the things we used to do when we first met… middle school.

Today we scrolled through 55 things that 90’s teens remember……however both our parents were very old school so we also remember things from the 80’s too. Girl talk, Doc Martin’s, Brad Pitt’s sexiness, Wet n’ wild, beeper codes, the AIM away message, Popples, My Little Ponies and Cabbage Patch dolls. When DVD’s came out. We also discussed how we need to include Grace in a feast day when she is down from PA in November…my sides hurt already from how much laughing will go on then.  I was talking about things Grace and I did when we worked together. The weather on the escalator, we are not machines. The random texts that we still send each other. Grace’s phantom limb pain from Vietnam which happened before she was born.

There is also much discussion on this subject as well.


While she is much more fully devoted to this Doctor


While I am much more attached to this Doctor


Either way there is a lot of FEELS going on.

There may be spitting of drinks or choking on food involved because we are laughing so hard. Maybe.

We talk about our kids and the assholey things they do to us. We talk about our husbands. We talk about our cycles. We talk about SSRI’s and anxiety and how much it all SUCKS.

Somehow we get this all done in an hour….or there abouts….its pretty close…then its time to get back in the car.

If you thought that would calm down the road rage……you would be wrong.



Then we have to go back to reality. We now have full bellies and now our brains have been slightly refreshed.

Because this…….


Waves hands wildly!

***********************************DISCLAIMER…..I tried to make sure credit was given on photos. NONE of these photos are mine.

They were all found through Google images. ***********************************************************


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  1. That is great! It sounds like my best friend! We’ve been friends for 20 years since this past summer. We were parked at Old Navy and these two skinny eighteen somethings came bopping out of the store all skinny and tan with fabulous hair and big sunglasses and taut legs and hopped in their shiny SUV. They were both holding grande Starbucks drinks and both took time to sit and giggle and light cigarettes. I have no idea what came over us, but we found a huge piece of cardboard in Kandi’s mini-van and a sharpie and wrote HEY GIRLS! ONE DAY YOU WILL BE US! We honked the horn so they would look at the two fat asses in the mini van that smelled like French fries and gave them time to read the sign then backed out and drove off laughing hysterically! Best day ever!


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